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How did the band get together?

Zac: We all entered a competition on the radio as solo artists to form a boy band.


And how was it living together with a whole bunch of people you've never met before and having to work together and hanging out with each other every day?
Haydn: It was cool, I've never met so many people that want the same thing that I want so we were all striving for the same goals and we just got on really well and just clicked.

Who's your favourite old school boy band?
Andrew: *NYSNC
Jordi: Yeah NSYNC are pretty cool, but personally, I listened to a lot of Backstreet Boys.

And who's your new favourite boy band?
TK: Titanium!
Shaq: I like The Wanted
Andrew: Yeah I think I like The Wanted too, they're pretty cool. They're a little bit more edgy and their sounds are darker and not so colourful.

Use three words to describe the band on a good day and three words to describe the band on a bad day?
TK: On a good day, breathtaking
Shaq: Surprising
Jordi: Energetic
Haydn: On a bad day, shocking!
Andrew: Exhausting
Zac: Umm, probably just sad

For people that haven't heard your music, how would you describe it?
Zac: In a way it's like Bruno Mars and Boys to Men
Jordi: Pop R'n'b
Andrew: It's like grabbing all these solo artists and chucking them in one because all of us have an individual sound and when we come together you get that individual sound, you get a different sound, it's like Titanium
Haydn: It's like a buffet

So have you guys had any response from a celebrity that's heard your music?
TK: Yeah like, Australia's Timomatic, he loves us, he wrote us a song.
Jordi: And Jason Mraz he's heard the track

Who's Who Game!
Who's the messiest?
All Boys: Zac


Who's the loudest?
All Boys: Jordi

Who's the hungriest?
TK: I'm pretty hungry right now
All Boys: Shaq probably is.

Do you have a special name for your fans like One Direction call their fans Directioners?
Haydn: They're called the Titans, which we think is really cool!