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Cookie Monster And Jess Mauboy

Cookie Monster And Jess Mauboy

Interview with Jess about starring on Sesame Street!

Jess Mauboy, TG's Claire and the Cookie Monster!

What does it mean to you to be on Sesame Street, Jess?

Jess: It’s an honour. I respect Sesame Street so much for what it has given me. It has helped me grow into the woman I am today.

Cookie Monster: Well me happy you said yes. Me thrilled.

Cookie Monster, while Jess is new to Sesame Street, you’re an old hand. What kind of advice would you like to give people who are going on the show?

Cookie Monster: Just to be themselves and, you know, have fun

What did you enjoy the most about filming Five Kangaroos?
Jess: The school I work with is called Yipirinya. Having handpicked the kids from the school was fun for me. That was fun – having those kids see themselves on a big screen singing this song.

Jess, you’ve evolved into a bit of a style icon.
Jess: I do like having fun with fashion. My personal style is just jeans and an oversized T-shirt with sneakers.

What about you, Cookie Monster?
Cookie Monster: This pretty much it. Me got nothing. Me colour good. This how me do me fur.
Jess: No one can wear blue like you, Cookie Monster.

I’d like you to spill a secret.
Cookie Monster: You know, it not nice to tell secrets.

No? Well, will you tell me the secret maximum number of cookies you ever ate in one sitting?
Cookie Monster: That not secret. Me proudly tell you. Me happy about that.

What’s that number then?
Me not really count. But probably in the hundreds. That too many.

Cookie Monster, do you have a message for your fans?
That me love them.

These days we’re seeing a more restrained Cookie Monster. What do you think?
Me struggle with that. Me try to have some control. Not easy for monster. But me still love cookies. Me still same cookie-loving monster. Me not only eat cookies. Me eat pretty much everything. But me looove cookies. Me not veggie monster. You know there’s rumours going around that me going to be like Brussels sprouts monster.

What is it about cookies that you love?
Oh boy. They delicious. They perfect round shape. They crunchy. They chewy sometimes. They chocolately. They sweet. Cookies are like life.

Jess to Cookie Monster: You haven’t seen a kangaroo yet?
Cookie Monster: Me hoping to see them.
Total Girl: Don’t eat them when you see them, okay.
Cookie Monster: Don’t tell me people eat them. Me draw the line at kangaroo! Sorry. Me pass on that one. And Vegemite? Me not so keen on that either. Eating kangaroos! Woah! [he covers his eyes with his paw]


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