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Astro Girl Horoscopes! Nov 2 - 8

Astro Girl Horoscopes! Nov 2 - 8

Find out what your future is!

Horoscopes for November 2 - 8
Find out what your future is!


This week you might say some things that you don’t consider mean, but it could be misread by a BFF who will feel offended – do your best to smooth things over. These things happen!


You’re going to feel less motivated to achieve goals you’ve set out for yourself – but remember the only person who can keep you motivated is you! If you really want something, don’t let negative vibes bring you down!


There will be heaps of new opportunities popping up for you this week, and maybe something you didn’t consider trying before could be really fun! Try to keep open minded about everything!


You’ll have the best advice for everyone and heaps of people will
want to hang with you. This will be a happy time for you, so take in all the good vibes and enjoy them while you can!

Don’t let people talk you out of something you want to do this week if you know it’s possible. There will be some people who you aren’t getting along with too well, so be polite and ask an older member of your fam for advice if you need it!


Everything is going right for the first couple of weeks of November, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Your communication skills are at an all-time high, so dish out all the advice you can!


Everything you’ve been doing for the past year has been for a purpose – and you’re so close to seeing what you dream of come to life! Keep trying your hardest to achieve your goals, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what happens.


It’s been a busy year for you but things will calm down now, so enjoy! You’ll enter a much more relaxing phase where things just click without much effort.


A big challenge is coming your way and how you overcome it is going to be a major test for you. You’ll feel extremely confused about the situation and quite unsure, but hold on tight and things will resolve themselves. Take advice from those closest to you!


Emotions will be important this week, but in a very good way! You’ll be feeling close
with your family. There will be heaps of emotional support to be found at home, so take the time to really enjoy those chats!


If someone or something has been bothering you for a while, now is the time to just talk to someone about it. Just keep calm and explain how you’re feeling!


You’ll make some new friendships, try some new things at school and feel more energetic than usual! If your BFF is having a problem, now’s the time to dish out some of your great advice.

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