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Omg - Eva Shout out to Bowie! - Ivy I LOVE SOPHIA CARSON - annabel Hey total girl I would love the next mag to have one or two zombies 1 or 2 characters on it I would love it - Mia love u tg - Isabel Love you it girl your amazing keep it up🤍🦋🤍🦋 - Aliya I love your mags I’m Obsessed With it i have been reading your mags for 1 year - Harper HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW ZOOBLES THERE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Alita For Live who always supports me and keeps my secrets. We have so much fun together 😁❤️- Ally - Ally Shout out to my friend Annabella she has been my supportive friend my life. - Anastasia
All new MEGA posters!

All new MEGA posters!

Check out this month's bonus freebies!

OMTG! How cute are the MEGA posters FREE with the February mag?!

We're digging the total summer vibes with this gorgeous Katy and Minnie poster. 😍
KatyCats where are you? 🙋‍♀️


Plus who's excited to see Camila Cabello as the new Cinderella in the live-action remake this year? We are! Check out this cool Camila poster!  ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨


You'll also score a magical unicorn inspo poster, a poster or Moriah Elizabeth, Sarah Jeffery (as requested by you, TGs!) and more! 

Want a sneak peek? Click here to watch the February issue unboxing! 

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