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Sleepover Games!

Sleepover Games!

Amazing sleepover tips, tricks and fun!
TG Ashley is having a sleepover with her friends these holidays and requested some sleepover games!
Sleepover Games! Photo: Getty Images

We LOVE sleepovers at TGHQ and use any excuse to have one (winter, summer, birthdays, Christmas, LOL!).
Here are our fave games:
M&M Magic
  1. Put a plate full of M&Ms (or Smarties) on the floor, and all sit in a circle around it.
  2. Everybody uses a drinking straw to transfer as many lollies from the plate to their own bag (lunch bags work perfectly!) by sucking the M&M to the end of the straw and releasing it into the bag.
  3. At the end of three minutes, the person with the most M&Ms, wins!

Sleeping Bag Swapsies
  1. Roll a die. The first person to roll an even number (e.g. 2, 4 or 6) is 'IN' and must leave the room.
  2. The remaining guests all jump into each other's sleeping bags and make sure they're fully covered, then they call the person outside back in.
  3. Everybody disguises their voice then says, "Swapsies", one by one.
  4. If the person who is IN correctly guesses who's in someone else's sleeping bag, that person is now IN and must leave the room for the game to begin again!

Dare Dice
  1. Before your guests arrive, find a cube shaped box, cover it with white paper, and write a fun challenge on each side, like 'Sing a Katy Perry song' or 'Do the Gangnam Style Dance'.
  2. Make sure you provide hair brushes for microphones and sunnies for Gangnam Style!

Don't really like playing games at sleepovers? Tee up your fave movies for a movie marathon, or choose an epic playlist, turn out all the lights and have an inpromptu disco!


They all seem great but I like M&M Magic the best.
27/3/2016 6:41:02 AM
These tips are helpful. I am gonna use them when I have a sleepover with my friends for my birthday
18/3/2016 2:00:00 AM
i dont like to read that much
15/3/2016 11:03:08 PM
thank going to try it soon
2/3/2016 6:24:34 AM
you need more
30/1/2016 12:27:06 AM
OMG these are soooooo good!!! cant wait to try them out when i have a sleepover with my friends!! oh wait i dont have any...... :(
25/1/2016 3:39:08 AM
wow thanks for the tips! I cant wait to show my these games thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much TG !!
24/1/2016 1:36:51 AM
good advice
12/1/2016 3:23:50 AM
tips are great thanks disco is a great idea make sure you have disco light to make it an even better disco
7/1/2016 4:47:06 AM
Awesome tips thanks soo much
6/1/2016 11:34:27 AM
Thanks so much My sleepover is going to be the best sleepover in the historyt of sleepovers oh and thanks for the tips! :)
5/1/2016 8:54:18 AM
Hi Asha how old r u? Im 11
17/12/2015 6:28:13 AM
21/11/2015 12:14:08 AM
the Sleepover games are so cool!
30/10/2015 9:46:11 PM
So doing the first two!!!!
26/10/2015 7:09:57 PM
Thanks A lot
5/10/2015 8:33:24 PM
Thnx for the tips
31/8/2015 6:42:01 PM
wow OMTG great ideas
24/7/2015 10:34:57 AM
I got sleeping bag swapsies.
23/7/2015 8:42:06 PM
I got m and magic why did you guys get
16/7/2015 10:21:03 PM
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