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How to Write Perfect Fan Mail!

How to Write Perfect Fan Mail!

One Direction can't miss this letter!

One for a rainy weekend afternoon!

Writing fan mail is a fun way to spend an arvo, and if you get a little creative, your letter will really stand out! Follow these steps to create fantastic fan mail.

What you need:
  • a piece of patterned paper (you can create some yourself with old wrapping paper)
  • a piece of brightly-coloured paper
  • a brightly-coloured envelope
  • a dark pen or texta

What to do:

  1. Cut the plain coloured paper to slightly smaller than the patterned paper, so that when glued on top, there's a one to two centimetre border around all four edges.
    Write memorable fan mail!
  2. Using your dark pen or texta, write your letter. Remember to:
    - Write a couple of sentences introducing yourself (nothing too personal, remember they're a stranger!)
    - Mention when you first started liking their music/movies/tv show and what you admire most about them
    - Be polite! Remember you haven't met them in person.
  3. It's always cute to include a few pictures or drawings.
  4. If you're hoping they will write back, make sure you include a stamped and self-addressed envelope.
  5. On your matching envelope, carefully write the address. Make sure you add a stamp (ask Mum or Dad how many), and don't forget the post code!

    Create a cute fan mail envelope
  6. For a cute touch, glue some of the patterned paper across one corner of the envelope. So coordinated!

A few tips:
  • Before you start writing on the envelope, double check you have the correct address and know how to spell everything!
  • Don't fill the envelope with glitter or anything - it could spill all over the star's clothes!


I sent a letter to Taylor Swift !!!!!!!!!!she wrote back !!!!!!! Yay
20/1/2016 9:08:56 AM
I'm sending to Rhett and Link
15/11/2015 8:42:09 PM
#1 TayTay Fan
Writing a letter 2 Taylor right now. Hope she writes a response!!
8/4/2015 5:11:31 AM
to 5sos try looking in a girls world mag. they have all the celeb addresses
2/4/2015 2:46:09 AM
to 5sos try looking in a girls world mag. they have all the celeb addresses
2/4/2015 2:46:09 AM
What is five seconds of summer 's fanadress? To write a letter to them?
13/7/2014 7:06:41 PM
I wrote to Guy Sebastian and tons of other people. And he replied!!
30/4/2014 6:48:20 AM
I Wrote to taylor swift and she WROTE BACK!!!!!! SO STARSTRUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/4/2014 6:44:00 AM
Cool. I wrote some to One Direction. I'm gonna post it now,
10/10/2013 2:17:37 AM
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