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Be an Actor

Be an Actor

Learn 'Home and Away' actor Rhiannon Fish's top acting tips!
Photography: Getty Images

Rhiannon Fish
knows a thing or two about acting - it's her job! She plays April on Home & Away.
Tip one: be open minded
Go in there with an open mind. Don't get stuck reading the lines a specific way.
Tip two: be yourself
Be yourself! It's refreshing just to see someone who is feeling relaxed, confident and happy. My tip on getting rid of nerves is having Mum with me. She always made me feel relaxed in the waiting room!
Tip three: be bright
Have a special outfit just for auditions. You only need one or two and they definitely don't have to be expensive! Make sure that they are comfortable and allow you to move. Try and find something with a vibrant colour that brings out your eyes or hair colour. Something that makes you feel good!


i want to be a movie star i am doing drama
8/4/2021 8:37:47 AM
hi peops i want to be an actor and dancer that was good advice
16/2/2014 9:08:23 AM
hi i love acting but in brisbane there is not tv auditions here but i am trying my hardest to find a way and get my dream and thoses tips where really good thank you
1/11/2013 11:06:28 PM
hi guys i want to be an actor hope this article helps bye
17/8/2013 3:52:09 AM
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