New Years Resolutions!

by Jessie | Dec 28, 2015

Hi TGs!


I am SO excited because it’s finally the HOLIDAAAYYSS!! I’ve been loving all the time off school to hang out with Holly, and spending heaps of time giving Cotton and Chloe belly rubs! It's sooo funny, if you give one of them a pat, the other gets super jealous! Plus I love getting the whole family together for Christmas time!

Jessie and her family

But I’ve been thinking, I have NO idea what 2016 is going to be like! So 2015 was the best year EVER, and I had so many cool adventures! But what do I want to do next year?


I’ve thought about it and this is my list of things I’ve GOT to try in 2016!!


1. Playing volleyball – I’ve always reaaally wanted to try it, plus it’s such a cool game to play at the beach! I might see if my friend Angie wants to try it with me…

2. Reading more books. I looove to read and there are so many I haven’t even tried yet!

3. Writing a letter to one of my heroes. I CAN’T decide if I want to send something to a celeb I look up to or someone in my family, but I’ll keep thinking, lol!

4. Going camping with my family. I love getting outside and seeing really cool animals and exploring nature and stuff! So I’m totally gonna try and convince mum and dad to take us!


What do you think TGs? Have you thought about anything cool you want to do in 2016? Tell me about it in the comments below!


Can’t wait to hear from you all!


Jessie x


  1. 23 Gwen 28 Dec
    I love this blog. I think number 3 is good
  2. 22 Gwen 28 Dec
    I really want to get every TG magazine in 2016
  3. 21 Lovato 29 Dec
    Hi Jessie! Those are some cool resoulutions! =D You could also try: joining a hip hop dance class, creating Youtube vids, and writing a song!

    My goals for 2016 are: 1) creating a fashion, beauty, and entertainment blog for tweens. 2) Representing my high school in tennis, netball, and table-tennis. 3) Make heaps of new friends. 4) Become one of the school mag designers. And 5) try to receive two awards at the end-of-year Prizegiving! I hope I acheive all of my goals and I hope you have a Happy New Year!
    <3 TG fan, Lovato.   
  4. 20 Caitlin Maffei 30 Dec
    Hey Jess i am just like you I love reading books like Gorget Me Not Fairies and I am going to read it over and over again and also it's my birthday coming up next year plus more.
  5. 19 Naomi 30 Dec
    Hi Jessie I love spending time with my dog and having fun with my best friends I love drama and riding my skateboard :3 naomi
  6. 18 Sophie 01 Jan
    I wrote a letter to my favourite author just half an hour ago, and i would suggest a resolution of trying something you feel nercous or worried about-anything from a veggie to a first sleepover!
  7. 17 lalo 01 Jan
  8. 16 Brook 02 Jan
    When is you're next blog going 2 be?
  9. 15 Becky 04 Jan
    Hi Jessie, cool resolution for 2016.
    My goals are:
    1. Do well at highschool
    2. Make more friends
    3. Have a party because I never do
    4. Keep my friends and family happy!

    Bye keep reading TG cause it's awesome!
  10. 14 Madi 05 Jan
    I LOVE TG and i think those goals are great
    My goals are to improve in my school work and get the best marks I can so I can get ready for high school.
    Madi   ;)
  11. 13 Olivia 07 Jan
    Yay just got the new mag can't wait for the next one coz I love Shopkins😊
  12. 12 Soul Surfer 10 Jan
    My new yrs resolutins are:
    1.Get ready for Highschool next year
    2. Win more soccor matches for the school
    3. Shred in the surf more
    4. Learn a new sport (even though i'm already managing 37)
    5. Make my own blog

  13. 11 TG fan 14 Jan
    Hi Jessie, you're awesome!
  14. 10 katie 15 Jan
    I love your  blog
  15. 9 Brooke 16 Jan
    hi jess for holidays I just do traveling because my dad and mum run a business and it's a inflatable park it's traveling around Australia most people find it interesting but trust me if you see it every day it's boring so I spend most of my days in the caravan reading books 
  16. 8 Aman 18 Jan
    I think that writing to a hero would be awesome! I'm going to try that now to! 
  17. 7 mia 18 Jan
    nice start!!
  18. 6 Emily 18 Jan
    Hi Jessie, I love your blog it's one of the best parts in TG. I love your pets they are totes adorb. This year I want to 1. Try and convince my parents to let me have a pet 2. Try and keep up to date on TG and the latest gossip and 3. Try and keep up on school homework :)
  19. 5 mia 20 Jan
    love your blog Jessie!!
    love reading it every day!
  20. 4 Jessie 20 Jan
    Guys, I'm LOVING reading your new years resolutions - they're all SO GOOD and they're even giving me some ideas! Stay tuned because I'm putting up a new update really soon :) 


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