School Disco!

by Jessie | Oct 23, 2015

Hi TGs!


So, I have a school disco next week and I don’t know what to wear! You know how sometimes you look in your wardrobe and there’s just TOO MANY COOL OUTFITS? That’s me right now!


Coz it’s my first school disco Mum said she’d take me shopping for a new dress. But I just know I have something perfect already, I’ve just got to dig around and find it. So I said it was OK, and I wanted to wear something I already have. Holly said when she can’t decide what to wear, she invites her friends over for a fashion show to pick what to wear. I thought that sounded soooo fun, so I rang Anissa and my other friend from school Catherine, coz they both love fashion. We turned it into a sleepover and they brought all their maybe outfits too!

Jessies blog disco

I picked out my favourites and put them all on my bed ready to try on. I also got out my speakers to listen to some music while we did the fashion show, and Mum made us popcorn and milkshakes. I tried on like 40 outfits!! I didn’t even know I had that many clothes! I only kept ones in the maybe pile that both Catherine AND Anissa loved.


Anissa and Catherine ended up finding one outfit each -  but I’m now down to three dresses and one skirt and top! I have a sparkly gold dress, a pink polka dot dress that spins out when you twirl around,  and a green striped top and skirt that match.


So I still need to choose! I thought maybe you guys could help me? Which outfit would you wear to the school disco? Let me know in the comments!


Love Jessie


  1. 41 Anise 24 Oct
    Definitely the pink polka dot dress
  2. 40 SweetiePie 25 Oct
    The gold dress!! It would look so pretty on you! 😍
  3. 39 Caitlyn 25 Oct
    I think you should were the green top with the matching skirt Caitlyn xxxx😝
  4. 38 harmony 25 Oct
    maybe like a vilot skirt ummm a black skirt the see through legings shaped like dimonds vilot boots black head band (mostly black and vilot) lol pink hir clips a messy ponytale wereing headphones and has a i-phone 6
  5. 37 Izzy 25 Oct
    Hey, Jessie same I got a school disco next week as well. But its halloween, I really don't know what to dress in. I know i want to be a mummy, but no clothes for it. Could you help me out?
  6. 36 tameeka 25 Oct
    Hi Jessie. My name is Tameeka.I really like your outfits, but I really like the sparkly  gold dress.
  7. 35 sawyer 26 Oct
    U should  definatily wear the pink polka dot dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  8. 34 leyla 26 Oct
    pink fat long dress
  9. 33 Aaliyah 27 Oct
    You should toats choose the pink polka dots dress!
  10. 32 Jessie 27 Oct
    Thanks guys! Pink polka dot dress it is!
  11. 31 leah 28 Oct
    YEAH!!! :)
  12. 30 jorja 29 Oct
    i would most definitely worn the gold dress i just think personally that it looks better
  13. 29 Bethan 31 Oct
    Totes use the pink polka dot dress. #cool.
  14. 28 Angela 01 Nov
    Totes pick the polka dot dress!!! :)
  15. 27 Natalie 02 Nov
    Wear a hot pink dress with sparkly shoes and a sparkly silver headband.
  16. 26 Isabella 02 Nov
    Wear anything that suits your personality! Don't be afraid to do what you want because we are all a different person! Whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable in it!!!😊🦄🐘❤️
  17. 25 jessie 07 Nov
    go the sparkly gold dress :]
  18. 24 jessie1 07 Nov
    mum always says gold and gold
  19. 23 Diamond 11 Nov
    I like the gold dress it will bring out the best of u and how sweet u are-diamond
  20. 22 Aaliyah 12 Nov
    i would love to hear how your disco went! :)


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