Easter Fun!

by Jessie | Mar 27, 2015

Hi TGs!


I’m soooo excited for Easter! I loooove chocolate, OMG how good is it?! And it’s like the one day of the year that Mum and Dad let me eat as much chocolate as I want. I eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. I end up feeling really sick but it’s totally worth it.


Every Easter morning, I wake up reeeally early coz I want to catch the Easter Bunny hiding my eggs. I’ve never seen him though! I thought I did once when I was with Holly, but she said it was just the wind blowing the jasmine bush and not a white tail bouncing away.


The Easter egg hunt is my favourite. The Easter Bunny always finds funny new places to hide eggs! Last year we found one in the washing line peg basket, and one in this hanging pot plant. I don’t even know how he got up that high!

Jessie making Easter hats

I also love the Easter Hat Parade my school does. Everyone has to make a cool hat that uses Easter eggs, and our parents come and we walk in a big circle in the playground to show off our cool designs. I’ve already started making mine with Mum, it’s going to have eggs dangling off ribbons all around the brim! It already looks so cool.


What do you love most about Easter? Do you do cool things for school too? Do you have a funny Easter egg hunt story? Let me know in the comments!


Love, Jessie


  1. 23 JASMINE 28 Mar
    loved it by the way happy easter everybody
  2. 22 Georgia 29 Mar
    Well, my school dosen't do it anymore (Unlike my brother) but we always have a HUGE Easter egg hunt in the backyard!
  3. 21 Julia X 29 Mar
    Hey TG readers just like to give my BFFLs a shoutout they know who they are you guys rock 
  4. 20 bella 31 Mar
    in our country easter is fun,but not my favorite...
  5. 19 Georgia❤ 02 Apr
    Woooooooohooooo school is out for a 2 weeks 😀 and like every year 10 ( wow I never have that much chocolate ) chocolate eggs from mum 2 from grandpapa 7 ( YUM and EEK) ( that was a happy eek) from my sister a small box ( eek of happiness again) but I won't be getting any fr my grandpapa as we are flooded in the farm 😔
  6. 18 Tarran 03 Apr
    I love Easter it's so fun I found some Easter eggs in my slippers once
  7. 17 Music13laster 03 Apr
    My favorite things about Easter is chocolate and celebrating Jesus and stuff. I don't really do Easter Egg hunts because um I was always scared of the Easter Bunny mascots parading around... it's kind of embarrassing. Our school's Easter present for us is an awesome spring break! 😉 
  8. 16 jorja 10 Apr
    happy easter as a late easter present i am making my mum a magazine called style files i got it from the book called total girl style files love the name by the way. So in the april total girl i have 2 books and i got 1 of the books and cut out people .I cut out maddie,sybella,claire L and cassie for my cover page talk when its done.
  9. 15 Tayla-Rose 16 Apr
    happy Easter everyone...... My school does Easter bonnet parades but for the younger kids. I'm in grade six. I loves Easter so much but not as much as I love total girl and Jessie's blog. Just a quick shoutout to my bestie Paris love ya girl.....
  10. 14 nikita 17 Apr
    So cool:0
  11. 13 Tekaya 20 Apr
    I love easter I had so much fun
  12. 12 Scarlett 27 Apr
    I love easter!! I wake up so early coz I want to find the easter eggs before my sisters!
  13. 11 Aman 27 Apr
    Hi Jessie to be your friend can you also send an email to be your friend?
  14. 10 ANNIE 17 May
  15. 9 Annie 17 May
    lucky you mine are soon easy i want them to be harder
  16. 8 Annie 17 May
     love Easter
  17. 7 Jessie 26 May
    wow Georgia that's so many chocolates!! Yum!!!! Aman of course we can be friends! Jorja that sounds really cool, what a fun present! 
  18. 6 Mia 07 Jun
    My fav thing about easter is eating the chocolate and spending time with my friends and family.Sadly we don't do many things at school about easter.
  19. 5 Madi 05 Aug
    My fav thing about Easter is eating chocs and spending time with relatives. I have still got a bag full of chocs from last Easter:-)
  20. 4 Maddison 15 Nov
    hi Jessie, I just love your blog. I read the same one every day.


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