by Jessie | Feb 27, 2015

So we just had the BIGGEST storm where I live! It all started on Friday afternoon at school. These big grey clouds were rolling in, and our teacher let us go out and watch at first, but made us come back inside when they got close because she thought it was too dangerous, in case lightning started. Which it did! It was so bright it lit up the whole classroom, and my friend Colin said it must be really close above us, because the thunderclaps happened almost as soon as we saw the lightning. Mum came and picked me and Holly up after school, because it was so rainy. When we got home she had put Cotton in the laundry because he got really spooked by the loud noises, and Chloe our new kitten was in the lounge room so she didn’t get wet. She didn’t care about the thunder though; in fact we think she actually liked it! She stood at the window watching the rain and the lightning, haha!

Jessie's Blog Thunderstorm Activities
Sometimes me and my friends paint our nails during a storm too!

Holly loves storms, but I am a bit scared of them. Not TOO scared, but when it’s really close like this storm was, the noise gives me a bit of a fright. Mum said we couldn’t have the TV on until the lightning stopped, because if the lightning hit any power grids in our area it could turn it off suddenly and it might be dangerous if the TV broke. So Holly and me pulled out Scrabble and played that, which was really fun actually because we hadn’t played board games in ages! We were having so much fun we also decided to do a puzzle – how fun are puzzles?! I totally forgot how great they are. Ours has a picture of a basket of cats, and one looked SO MUCH like Chloe! I brought Chloe over to show her, but she didn’t seem very interested, she just stepped all over the puzzle and then ran away to watch the storm again, haha.


Do you like storms like Holly? Or are you a bit scared like me. And what do you guys do for fun when you aren’t allowed the TV? Let me know in the comments!


Until next time,


Jessie x


  1. 31 Aman 27 Feb
    Hi Jessie! 

    I half like thunder storms half scared. 

    Your blog is totes amaze!!!!!!!! 
  2. 30 Amelia 28 Feb
    hi Jesse my name is Amelia i am 10 years old and i love TG it's an AMAZING mag and i really want to be like you
  3. 29 kira 02 Mar
    sup jesse! i love what you blog about it is awesome
  4. 28 Lonnie 03 Mar
    Hi Jessie my name is Lonnie and i am 13 years old and i kinda like thunder storms cause they're kinda cool but when they get crazy...I'm out.
  5. 27 Jessica 04 Mar
    We got that storm too, Jess! I was sooooo scared!
  6. 26 Lucy 10 Mar
    once that happen to me to at school their was water dripping down the school hall way and our room flashing storms but I was not scared.xoxo lucy 
  7. 25 Jade 13 Mar
    hi Jessie I am a bit scared of storms myself!!!
  8. 24 Len 15 Mar
    hey Jessie i love storms cause you can cuddle up with a blanky and some popcorn and put on a movie!!

  9. 23 Angela 16 Mar
    im totally scared of storms!  They can get crazy! 🍃☔️⚡️☁️
  10. 22 keirra 17 Mar
    urm...iffy lol. no tv? I don't care! im always on my ipod lol! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
  11. 21 Nicola 17 Mar
    Hi Jessie I with you I hate storms they freak me out⚡️⚡️⚡️
  12. 20 Fern 21 Mar
    Hey Jessie I hate thunder storms!
  13. 19 Anna 23 Mar
    Hi Jessie,
    I like thunder storms!
    At brownies (brownies is like scouts) there was a thunder storm.
    We saw thunder and some of us got scared.
    Because it wasn't raining so much we got ice cream anyway. (we where doing a tracking day)
  14. 18 Olivia 24 Mar
    Same here i. Had a big storm but it came at night time and all weekend i have to admit it was kind of scary because i was laying in my bed and my room lighted up very bright and then bang the thunder clap. It even shook the roof
  15. 17 Jessie 25 Mar
    Hi guys!!

    OMTG so many comments for this blog! Sorry it took me ages to reply. I'm soooo happy there are other peeps out there that are a bit scared of storms like me! 
  16. 16 lani 25 Mar
    I'm really scared of lightning
  17. 15 lani 26 Mar
    I'm scared of lightning
  18. 14 Ashley 04 Apr
    Hi, Jessie
    Im a huge fan my name is Ashley I'm ten I'm super scared of storms I remember when there was a huge storm were I live it was raining hard the wind felt like it was going to take you away lightning was very loud that day my cat was missing me and my mum a sister were looking for when we found we went back in side to our house we were super wet and cold.
  19. 13 Jordyn 12 Apr
    Hi Jessie
    I love reading your blog it always is amazing.
    I'm not scared of thunder. it makes me sad because you don't get to play outside.
  20. 12 TJ 24 Apr
    I hate thunder storms Jessie but I really wanna be like you when I grow up im 9 uears old and I love your spot in da mag


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