Up and running!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hi Total Girls,

Thank you to everyone who sent me get well emails when I broke my leg! Luckily, it’s healed up really well and I don’t even have to wear my cast anymore! Having a broken leg gave me lots of time to spend with Holly; she’s such a nice sister. She made sure I didn’t feel left out because I couldn’t run around or go swimming. One day she had a cool idea for when my leg got better. It was to start a dog walking business for our neighbours who have dogs.

What do you guys think? Have you ever has a cool job? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Jessie x



  1. 16 Jasmin 07 Sep
    Hi Jessie, I love reading your blog so much it is the first thing I read when I get a total girl mag! My mum works as a thermomix consultant and Is one of the only ones in South Australia when she goes to peoples houses to show them the machine I get to talk to people and do the cooking with her. It is a lot of fun and sometimes people pay me for it! It may not be as exciting as your job but it is still really fun. Bye!
  2. 15 Madeleine 14 Sep
    glad you fell better and can be active again
  3. 14 Georgia 14 Sep
    omtg ! Jessie I am sooooo happy for you + im guessing the job is going well ? I have a couple of things I would like to be a scientist my favourite one ( any type of scientist= astronomy , chemical reactions , dirt thingy .stuff like that )
  4. 13 Kritika 20 Sep
    I love you Jessica I love reading your blog I read it everyday
  5. 12 casey 20 Sep
    I love your blog!!!!
  6. 11 Sienna 20 Sep
    Hi Jessie , when my older sister broke her leg she said I was a big help and when she got her cast off we had lots of fun.Your job is so awesome maybe one day I should start a walking dog business I have never had a cool as job as you but sometimes I go around my neighborhood selling chocolates for fundraises and that was pretty fun !
    Sienna xo
  7. 10 lexi 21 Sep
    hi jessie!
    this is the first blog entry i have seen! it is very cute and fun! i also have a blog that is really great too, but it can be hard knowing what to right all the time! i showed my other friends how to make one too, and i always wonder how and why they decide to post what they do! well hope that dog walking job works out for ya! sounds fun!
    <3/ Lexi
  8. 9 Tayla-Rose 21 Sep
    Hi Jessie,
    I am a huge fan of you and i love reading your blog. It is great your cast is off. I have a cool job, me and my two friends run a baby-sitting business it is hard but fun at the same time because you get to experience looking after a baby.
  9. 8 Kasey 25 Sep
    Hey Jessie that sounded bad hope you are better
  10. 7 Kimberley 28 Oct
    Hi Jessie,I'm new,May I have all the girls names? See you Jessie! From now on every spare time I'm spending every spare moment I have I'll read ur blog! 
  11. 6 Happy4Eva 12 Nov
    I'm so glad that you are up and running again! I love you so much. Peace✌️, Ella 
  12. 5 chloe 24 Nov
    OMG your so amazing with your looks
  13. 4 Ebony 16 Mar
    I have a broken leg to and I get my cast off on Wednesday super awesome and I'm annoyed at Lachlan from braking my leg
  14. 3 Sharney 06 Feb
    OMG!! I love dogs! Are all those dogs yours? Oh and by the way Tayla just sent something to your blog too! She loves singing! 😝😝😝😄😄I totes love your blog and I love TG!! 
  15. 2 Lisa 03 Jul
    OMTG!! I tots love dogs!!!!🐶I always make lemonade and do a lemonade stall. With the money, I give it to the RSPCA!!!I tots love your blog and TG of corse!!!!!
  16. 1 asha 23 Jan
    i love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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