Easter Camping Trip

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi TGs!

You'll never guess where I am going! Okay well if you scroll down and see the pic you will - I'm going camping with my family!

Mum and Dad planned this trip as a surprise, because they're sick of Holly and I always being on the computer or watching TV or fighting over the iPad... sound familiar? Yep, we went camping last year for the same reason (that's where I got the pic from).

Dad is packing the car at the moment and Mum is getting food from the supermarket. I swear if they had their way, we wouldn't even have electricity in our house! They're super keen for us to get back to nature, whatever that means!


Total Girl - Jessie's Blog: We're going camping for Easter!


Mum said she'd buy marshmallows so we can toast them over the camp fire, and Holly and I will totally have D&Ms and watch the stars like last time. 

I just hope that it's warm enough to go swimming for pretty much the last time this summer (well autumn).

Anyway so looong story short, I won't be able to blog for a week. But I'll be back with loads of funny camping stories soon!

Happy Easter TGs! I hope you get bucket-loads of eggs!
Jessie xx


  1. 24 Jessi 18 Apr
    I enjoy camping. I go camping with my year level. I've been to 4 different camps so far! This year, the year 7's went to Coonawarra Camp which is like 3 or 4 hours away from Box Hill. I loved it there though!!!!! We had Giant Swing, Canoeing , Raft Making, Swimming, Flying Fox (over the river), Archery and some other cool stuff. We got 2 cabins which are connected to each other. (Only we got to have 2 cabins) We also got a TV, Fridge, Tea and so much more! The water there tasted DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED CAMP! ALSO LOVE UR NAME JESSIE!
  2. 23 Jessi 18 Apr
  3. 22 Jessi 18 Apr
  4. 21 Sienna 18 Apr
    Hi Jessie, I hope you had a great time and by the way do you live in Australia. Hope your Easter is full of fun and chocolate Easter eggs.
  5. 20 Sophia 20 Apr
    Hi my name is Sophia 
    That sounds so cool! wash I could go camping.
  6. 19 Jessi 20 Apr
    Camping is so much fun! I go camping with my year level. It's better then school and home any day! Although, you do miss your family. At least you've got your friends with you. GO JESSIE!
  7. 18 Mia 21 Apr
    love your blog jessie! 
    it was gr8!
    love Mia no. 1 fan of TG
  8. 17 Jessi 21 Apr
    I love camping!!!!!!! I go camping with my year level!
  9. 16 Jessi 21 Apr
    Who's Holly? Is that Jessie's sis?
  10. 15 Lola 21 Apr
    Wow sounds like LOTS of fun!
    I'm not from Australia so I'm spending my Eater break here!
    Australia is beautiful and fun!
    I wish i could live here!
    Have fun on your camping trip!
  11. 14 sara 22 Apr
    Hi, i really enjoy reading your blog.
    u really have an exciting future ahead of u 
    xxoo Sara
  12. 13 Georgia 22 Apr
    i might go camping next week but in 3 weeks eeee ! cruise time
  13. 12 Shannon 24 Apr
    Hey Jessie! Having fun these holidays? I wish I could go camping too! I love roasting marshmallows by the campfire! Even fishing with my dad was fun! Ahhh memories!
  14. 11 megan 24 Apr
    I think u will have a blast camping is fun.
  15. 10 Chanelle 24 Apr
    hey jessie you are the best and so amazing guess what my middle name is jessie so cool you rock
  16. 9 emilia 24 Apr
    hi jessie you are so cool from emilia
  17. 8 emilia 24 Apr
    hi jessie you are so cool from emilia
  18. 7 Luciana 25 Apr
    Hi Jessie my name is Luciana i love my dog ziggy i LOVE camping  and i love tg
  19. 6 Emily 25 Apr
    Guess what i did ! I went to the beach for 4 days and 3 nights and vometed ! How do u like that ? Hahahahahahahahahahaahaha
  20. 5 Gabby 26 Apr
    Hi Jessie'
    My name is Gabby! You are sooooo lucky! My mum won't let us go camping in case of mosquitoes! We are only allowed to set my tent up in the backyard! I hope you have a great week! And a Happy Easter with loads of Easter eggs! as I did!
    Gabby xoxoxo


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