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Unboxing The Big Leaps Issue

Claire and Rosie open up the June issue!

Big leaps: How to jump ahead (and side-to-side)! Itโ€™s our dance and sports issue this month. In true TG TV style, Claire and Rosie kick things off with an epic dance battle. How good is your floss?

Our cover stars are Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler โ€“ the girls are forever dancing to their own beat. They talk dance, beauty and their new body spray.

Briar Nolet from The Next Step teaches us a dance. Plus, inside youโ€™ll find the steps for the Total Girl Dance โ€“ watch the video here!
Each copy of the June issue comes with a free three-pack of Prickly Cactus Erasers. They are sah adorbs!

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