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OMTG!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST THE MAGS HELPED ME THROUGH SO MUCH THINGS!! Keep up the good work!!!! XOXOXO - Maddison Hey TG, i just adore your mags, keep up your amazing effort! - Emilia Hi I love TOTAL GIRL! I love the embarrasing moments and the clothe choices !! - Sierra yooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! - Clementine OMTG!! Shoutout to the TG team and all hopes that 2021 will sahhh much better than 2020!! - Maddison i love total girl its supa amazing - meghan Shoutout to the creators of TG magazines! you guys really helped me out with discovering who I really am!! Stay safe!! - Samy ??? bestie & I LOVE your mags - rubyrose Best magazine ever! I can’t wait to c the prizes and I love this issue! Addi is the best! :) - Natasa H I hate online school help - emma

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