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you have the best mags - isla Shout out to my fave animal Sid also I LOVE ur mags!!!!!!!!! - Grace A big shout out to my sister and - Anh I love TG - Gemma Thanks so much TG for all of to us cool prizes and comps. I really hope I win! 🀞🏻😜 - Kate love total girl! never stop making them********* - Clara HELLLO, I LOVE TOTAL GIRL MAGS AND I DONT LIKE GIRLS WHO SAY UwU - Val I hate you total girl boooo - Rose Hey TGs My name is Isla I started the mags today and I love them there’s so much to read and awesome cooking recipes,I love the embarrassing stories there great.I love the quizzes and jokes too! Bye - Isla Luv you TG! - Grace

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