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you guys make my life interesting tysm! sophie xxx - Sophie NEVER STOP MAKING TG MAGS!I LOVE THEM ! - Gabriella I want to have a big shout out to all the hard working healthcare workers who put their lives in danger to save ours bless you all!! - Sibby HI TG I CANT BELIVE WE MADE IT THROUGH 2020!! YOUR ALL SUPER. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE HARD WORKERS LIKE TG WHO HAVE KEPT US ENTERTAINED AND SAFE THROUGH THE PAST YEAR KEEP HARDWORKING AND COVID SHOULD BE OVER BEFORE YOU KNOW IT AND WE WILL ALL BE OFER SEAS. BYE :)PS: STAY SAFE - Addisyn Hi TG, Can you please do a video of TG HQ! Thank you so much! - Zara I love total girl!! Yassss! - Alexandra Love all your magazines, keep doing what your doing! - Emi I love reading Total Girl! - Sophie HI TG!!! Could you please have an interview with the Jonas Brothers? It would make my day - Tess I love this - Raj

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