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hey there TG! keep on shining :) I love love love your mags, ESPESH the Ariana grande ones... could you maybe do a piper rockelle mag? that would be amazing! tysm - Miriam I love this mag- Olivia Rodrigo - mallory I luv TG!!!!!!! - Natalia Hi! Your mags are sah amazing! I love how inspirational they are to love who you are and be YOU! Keep going and never stop! - Elena Hey everyone I know this isn't really a shout out but still: I got Ms. Marvel as my doorable which is so cool cause theres a mega poster of her in the mag! - Ivy Shout out to my amazing sister Jessa!!! - Evie Hi TG, I💜your mags so much - Milla Hey tgs!!! - Jaylin I just love your mag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Joslyn Thanks so much for your mag!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Gabriella

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