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Hello TG :D. I Love April’s copy of TG. Can you pretty pls put Mary- Kate , Ashley and Elizabeth Olsen on the cover of TG - Maddi - Maddi i'd like to send a shoutout to my big sister! - lucy Total girl Always keeps me occupied, I read TG for hours over and over again! - Koa Plzzzz make me win all the prizes a I asked for! Their for my cousins! Plzzzzza! - Carla Could you please put Jessica Mauboy on one or the Norris Nuts- Valentina - Valentina It is my birthday soon and I can't wait to celebrate it with my awesome friends. - Sabrina hey total girl i get your magaziens every day i get your showbags every time i go to the easter show your amazing im a fan and my dream is for you to send me a messsage back thank you tatal girl i love you xoxo - skye Happy Easter team tg ! Never stop making your mags!🌸 - Harper I really like Total Girl - we just made the choc banana smoothie - Yummm! - Evelyn I LOVE LOVE CHALI D AMELIO - Hannah

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