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I just entered some contests i I hope I win 😫🤞 - Ella I would like to give a shout-out to my dog Minnie - Immy ?? Hi! I’m 13 and I like TG, don’t let your age make you doubt things u love! Thanks for making me feel happy! - Miki Give a shout-out to Beth (myself), Lilly and Arielle! We are all so obsessed with total girl! Stay safe, be strong and keep being amazing 🙂 - Elizabeth This is to my BFF Auddie for supporting her cat the whole way - Immy ?? I love tg it is just soo loving and it always puts a smile on my face reading the magazines love ya - Lyla Hello any girl who is reading this, don’t let your age define you, you can like whatever you want! I’m 13 and I sometimes get bullied becuase I buy the every month mag but I don’t let that hurt me. I love what I love and no-one can stop me :). Thanks so much TG for making me feel happy! - Miki OMG I LOVE TOTAL GIRLLLLLLLLL - maira OMG I LOVE THE NOVEMBER ISSUE. - Alicia Shoutout to my sister Sophia for always being there by my side - Athena

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