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TG is sooo awesome and funny and I love reading them! I wish I could win competion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TG is AMAZING! - Leila Hi TG! Keep making mags! Also shout out to my besties! BFF SQUAD, love you guys! ❤️😀 - Maiya Whoever reads total girl magazines, don't stop believing in your dreams! And never stop reading total girls magazines, TG's! I only have been a fan for two months and TG magazines are all I can think about!!!!! - Charlotte hey TG i'm a HUGE FANN!! - Emilia omg omg love you guys - emma i lurrrrrrrrrve ur mags they make me soo happy when i read them i feel like i could poop and fart rainbow glitter - Ava I love your mags they are sooooooo funny and fun to read. - Hannah I want shout out to my bff kate - Sibella i learned to be positive because of u - maisy Shoutout to Milla and her new puppy. 🐶 - Phoebe