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Hi - Liv Shout out to my bestie Siobhan who also reads TG!!!! - Stella Hi Harriet - Natasha Who doesn’t like total girl it’s the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Charlotte Hi I hope your have a great time reading this wonderful magazine - Clare Hey tg! I love your magazines! They are so awesome, it’s my favourite part about the month! I’m 12 years old and your magazines are the things that are keeping me sane in lockdown! - Isabella Your so cool I love your mags! ☺️ - Evie Hi this is kaileigh I am ten years old and it whold mean the hole word for me to win and wear do I pout the coad magic21 love you all I really hope I win. - Kaileigh i hope i win the nentendo switch but good luck to everyone how did it - tahlia Hello total girl fans I love all of your prizes I wish could get one I wish everyone got one total girl fans - Ella

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