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hi to my bffs chloe, emma, ella and bella - Lola Hi I’m Sylvie I wonder what’s in that mystery box 📦 - Sylvie I love you guys please never stop making magazine s and I can't believe Camilla and Shawn broke up I am heart Brocken. - Chayanne OMG YOUR MAGS ARE SOOO GOOD!!!😍Love your mags forever! - Sofia Big shout out to TG for sending me a prize as a competition winner! And big shout out to my BFF Livinia! - Paris Hi total girl! HUGE fan! - Autumn Keep making the magazines TG I love them 😜 - Bella Your mags ROCK! - Amy Hey TG love you guys sooo much I want to work with you so bad. Never stop making mags!! -Betty - Betty Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - Sonja

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