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Hey everyone I know this isn't really a shout out but still: I got Ms. Marvel as my doorable which is so cool cause theres a mega poster of her in the mag! - Ivy I love you guys😍 - Bianca ur the best mag I have ever read. I luv collecting u - Nina Hi TG I love your magazines they are so good the book relaxes me and makes me feel safe and calm thanks - Eden Shout out to the awesome people who make TG mags, you're the best! Never stop making your mags! - Ivy Hi - Pelin Hey tgs!!! - Jaylin Hey Rosie Why did the cow cross the road? He wanted to get to the moovies🤣🤣🤣 - Mikayla Shoutout to every bandicoot ever! They will survive! - Ava Hello,I ❤️ Total girl! Keep up the good work bye! - Evelyn??

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