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Hi everyone I'm poppy! Have an awesome day guys!!! - Poppy Hi I love your magazines Iā€™m am a big fan - Matilda Hi TG these mags really inspire me to go out of my cofort zone and be myself i wouldn't be i am today without these mags-Lily - lily hi - maddie I love total girl it is the best magazine keep making them Lilly - Lilly I love TG they have plenty of fun options and great things and tips - Emily I would like to give a shout out to my bestie Hailey, we read TG mags all the time!!šŸ¬ - Kenzie You will be happy and safe if you think like a rainbow :3 - Charlotte Hiiiiiiiiiii - Rasika Hi, I'm Poppy and I love the mags Total Girl, keep up the great work!!! - Poppy