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I love you guys please never stop making magazine s and I can't believe Camilla and Shawn broke up I am heart Brocken. - Chayanne Keep making the magazines TG I love them 😜 - Bella OMG YOUR MAGS ARE SOOO GOOD!!!😍Love your mags forever! - Sofia HI TG I AM YOUR NO.1 FAN LOVE YOU MAGS DO NOT STOP I ALSO LOVE HOW YOU DO THINGS WITH K ZONE MY BROTHER COLLECTS THOSE CAN YOU PLS PUT DESENDENTS ON THE NEXT MAG - Avalyn OMG TOTAL GIRL MAAG IS TOTALLY AMZING PLUS U SHOULD HAVE MAKEUP AS PRIZES - Tat I love Total Girl. Never stop making your magazines. I love Total Girl. - Leila I got my first total girl this Saturday and I really want more - Bella I Love Your mags - Samantha i hate cheese - charlotte Hoi there - Simcha