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Hey guys i really like u i hope i win something one day by summer - summer I love your magazines from Emily and my friend Sophia - Emily How do you sent a photo of the squishy - Ganitha I love total girl never stop making your mags - Jasmine HEY Tg love your mags - mia The magazines a amazing I have loads - Sophia hiii total girl im a really big fan and it would be amazing and make my day if i can be in the shoutout - zara I love your mags they make me smile. I get one every month and get sooooo excited when I get a new mag - Anastasia i might get a puppy - REMY Total Girl is the best thing I have ever read my sister gets them each month after she has finished reading them I would get them and spend hours reading them. Keep making them please they are so good GO TG - Bella

may issue 2021