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Hey TG I love your mags sooooo much, never stop making them. - Maisie Could you do a total girl magazine on Dove Cameron or Miley Cyrus?? - Molly Shoutout to my BFF's Vivienne Leggie-My sis Always there for me - Valentina Hi Charli my name is mia I am 8 years old and a huge fan of you - Mia Hello TG :D. I Love April’s copy of TG. Can you pretty pls put Mary- Kate , Ashley and Elizabeth Olsen on the cover of TG - Maddi - Maddi Thank you TG for the amazing and entertaining books! - Annalea I LOVE LOVE CHALI D AMELIO - Hannah Hey guys love you so much for the amazing magazine. - Annalea OMTG I love this Mag! - Isla It is my birthday soon and I can't wait to celebrate it with my awesome friends. - Sabrina

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