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I could read TG’s mags all day they are so interesting and have cool posters - Smara Massive shout-out to Maddy, a really kind and funny friend, also Poppy and Abi, the girls who helped me fit in at my new school, you guys are always there for me!! - Hayley Love the mags! - Milla I want to send a shout or at total girls - Drea Your so cool I love your mags! ☺️ - Evie Shout Out to my sis Gia, I love you so much! - Ava Hi I hope your have a great time reading this wonderful magazine - Clare I love total girl!!!!🌷🦋🙀🍭🍬🍼 - Melina I LOVE YOUR MAGNIXENS!! TG is the best thing that l have ever read! never stop making them! :) - Charlotte Shout out to my bestie Siobhan who also reads TG!!!! - Stella

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