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Hi TG writers! I love your magazine, I have read it for years, and I hope I win the Cruella Comp to share the prize between my friends! Shout out to my friends! - Grace i love your mags my dream is to put one of my knock knock jokes into a mag. P.S reply - Arlia I saw someone else called Jade!!Hi!!! - Jade shoutout to tg - Bella hi - cecily Hey TG I love your mags never stop making them shout out to my dog Jaffa I love her so much-Bella - Bella hi guys i love these mags never stop making them plz - Addisyn Hi total girl I’ve been getting your mag for months and love it your the best and i am exited for the next mag!!! - Isabelle Shout out to Olivia rodrigo I love her so much - Darbi WE LOVE YOU TG! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ada