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Good luck to everyone entering the comps!šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š - Eva LOL, huge fan, I hope u are known all over the world and make other famous people feel jealous! - Eee I love totalgirl & Ariana Grande - Nahlea Hi Iā€™m Ruby and I love TD it is so interesting and I love the comps club - Ruby Shout out to my amazing parents who have been so supportive, my sister Azalea for always being her kind self, my bets friend Tiffany for always being there and for my cat and dog Jessie and Indie for being so cute!!! - TG reader Zoe-Rose Hi - Liv Hi this is kaileigh I am ten years old and it whold mean the hole word for me to win and wear do I pout the coad magic21 love you all I really hope I win. - Kaileigh A HUGE shoutout to ZARA -Elke - elke I love total girl!!!!šŸŒ·šŸ¦‹šŸ™€šŸ­šŸ¬šŸ¼ - Melina Shoutout to every kid in lockdown, we will get threw this together. šŸ˜„ - Ava