Concert Hair: Space Bun Tutorial

by | Dec 20, 2018

Hey guys! 🚀

OK. Are you... Ready for it?! LOL! I've pulled together a tutorial for my all-time fave concert look. Katy and Ari have been seen rocking this hairdo - and it's no wonder, this playful style is sahhh much fun and super easy to do. I've even used the Twirlies that came free with the December issue of Total Girl - so you can grab your Twirlies and try it too! 🙌✨ 

Katy buns
Image Getty Images

What you need

  • 2 hair ties
  • 2 Twirlies
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray
  • Face glitter

What to do

1. Brush your hair free of knots, and then part it down the middle.
2. Create two pigtails, sitting high on top of your head and secure with hair ties. 


3. Take the first pigtail and twist it away from your face. The tighter you twist your hair, the sleeker the bun will look. (Can't get the twist right? Try plaiting instead!) 

4. Wrap the twisted hair into a bun and secure with a Twirly! You may need bobby pins to help secure it in place. Repeat with the second pigtail and spritz with hairspray. 


5. Complete the look with your fave gloss and a touch (or lots!) of glitter. 
6. Now you're ready to Shake It Off! 

See, twinning with Katy! 

Such a fun look! OMG you have to tell me about your fave hair style! Let me know in the comments below! 👇

Catch ya next time, 
Rosie xo


  1. 10 Kristy 25 Dec
    I love side ponytails
  2. 9 Alyssa 26 Dec
    hi Rosie!
    Thank you for showing a tutorial on how to do space buns like I suggested. I now know how to do them perfectly!
    i hope you had an awesome Christmas and I hope that New Year’s Eve/day will be amazing to!
    from Alyssa xoxo
  3. 8 Sarah 27 Dec
    I love the classic pony tail! I wear it almost everyday at school and it is just me. In that I mean that when I do my hair in a pony tail I feel like myself. I don't know why but I love it.
  4. 7 TG's Rosie 09 Jan
    Hey Kristy, side ponytails are just the ca-utest! Do you wear yours with a massive bow, like JoJo?! I have bright pink one that I wear on spesh occasions! 

    Love, Rosie x 
  5. 6 TG's Rosie 09 Jan
    Hey Alyssa, 
    Aw, it was an awesome suggestion! Hope you had a fab Chrissy and New Years too! 

    Love, Rosie x 
  6. 5 TG's Rosie 09 Jan
    Hey Sarah, 
    You can't go wrong with a classic ponytail! It's the perf Back to School look. So glad to hear you found a hair style that truly suits you! 

    Love, Rosie x 
  7. 4 Esther 21 Jan
    That is a really cool hairstyle. I am always looking for new hairstyles.
  8. 3 TG's Rosie 22 Jan
    Hey Esther, 
    So glad you liked it! It's always fun to try new hairstyles. Let me know which style you would love a tutorial of next! 

    Rosie xo
  9. 2 Samyukktha 25 Jan
    Hi Rosie ! I love a normal ponytail. It makes me feel  super cute and confident. 
    XOXO Samyukktha
  10. 1 TG's Rosie 29 Jan
    Hi Samyukktha! The classic ponytail is such a go-to look! Definitely one of my faves too. I'm so glad it makes you feel super confident! 

    Rosie xo 


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