Concert Hair: Inside my VIP Tay experience

by | Dec 18, 2018

Hey guys! 

OMTG! Who was lucky enough to watch Tay perform during her reputation tour?!💃
I am still buzzing from the incredible experience; the amaze set, the songs, the fireworks, the... rain! LOL! (Yes, it was pouring rain during the Sydney show, but it was still SO much fun!)

Taylor Swift on stage during her reputation tour
Image Getty Images

My bestie and I saved up for aaaages to get our hands on Tay tickets, and we were lucky enough to score a VIP package! We were so excited when our spesh package arrived (squee!). It was filled with cool Tay merch and a super sweet message recorded by Tay herself. ⭐️

Taylor Swift VIP box
Taylor Swift VIP box 2

Oh heyyy, Tay 

Here a few pics I snapped from the concert. Her set was incredible and the snake theme was so cool. 🐍🐍🐍

Reputation tour stage image 3Reputation tour stage image 4
Taylor Swift dancing in the rainTG Rosie at Taylor

Tay dancing in the rain vs. my bestie and I dancing in the rain. LOL!

Inspired by Tay's tour (and the festive season - who's ready for 2019?!), I want to share with you my all-time fave concert look 🙌. So stay tuned! What's your fave hair style? Let me know in the comments below 👇 and maybe I'll do a tutorial on it! 

Speak soon, 
Rosie xx 


  1. 13 Alyssa 18 Dec
    hi Rosie!
    you were so lucky to be able to go see Taylor at the reputation tour I wasn’t able to go but I did see her when she did her Red tour in 2013 so that was awesome!
    what is your favourite song from her reputation album?
    mine is getaway car and end game.
    also my favourite hairstyle is space buns I would love to see a tutorial on that.
    From Alyssa
  2. 12 TG's Rosie 19 Dec
    Hey Alyssa, 
    Aw that's still so cool! I remember the Red tour, it was one of my fave tours because I am obsessed with the song '22'! Ooooh that's a tough question, there are so many good songs from her new album. I would have to say 'Delicate' because I just fell in love with that song when I first heard it. 'Getaway Car' and 'End Game' are super catchy though! Space Buns are very cool! Stayed tuned because you may be in luck. ;)
    Rosie x 
  3. 11 Lucy 17 Jan
  4. 10 Vivien 05 Feb
    OMTG! So lucky I am a big fan of Taylor Swift!
  5. 9 TG's Rosie 05 Feb
    Hey Vivien! So great to hear from another Tay Tay fan :D 

    Rosie x
  6. 8 Lola 11 Feb
    OMG! I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the best and I a her NO.1 fan because I have albums of her and I have posters of her and I have loads more things of her
  7. 7 TG's Rosie 11 Feb
    Hey Lola! YAAASSS!!! Tay is totes the best!!! OMG, which Taylor album is your fave?! I bet your room is covered in Tay posters! 

    Rosie x
  8. 6 Jayden 22 Feb
    Hey Rosie! You are so incredibly LUCKY!!! I love tay tay!!!! Shes amazing, I wish i were you, I wanted to go... but didn't make it, :( my favorite hair style would probably be... umm i like messy buns, [TAG ME IF YOU DO A TUTORIAL PLZ!!] Anyways, I am 10 years old!!! I LOVE [TAY i've mentioned that lol] I AM A HUGE!!!! FAN OF YOUR BLOGS!!!! And i enjoy reading them!!! Keep up the good WORK [TG's Rosie]!!! Your Incredible if anyone agrees with me!! But yeah!! SO let me know in the comments below!!! Just always remember Rosie Your my fave!!!! [and taylor swift... :D ] But yeah hopefully you will always make MORE AND MORE VLOGS!!!! Remember tutorial on Messy bun!!! [Please and thank you!! <3 ]
  9. 5 TG's Rosie 22 Feb
    Hey Jayden!
    OMG, thank you for writing in! I was SUPER lucky to go see Tay, she was amazing! I love the messy bun too - I'll definitely have to do a tutorial on it real soon! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙌
    Aw thank you for reading TG mag and for reading my blog!!! 😆😆😆

    Rosie x
  10. 4 Tay 27 Feb
    Hey Rosie,
    You are super lucky for going to Tay's concert, I so badly wanted to go but didn't because I was busy that week anyway I love your mags and your blog 
    Love Tay

  11. 3 TG's Rosie 27 Feb
    Oh heyyyy Tay! How cool is your name?! A Tay fan who's name is Tay!  
    Aw I'm sure there'll be a chance to go see her live next time! She'll be back touring before you know it. 
    Thank you for writing in! 

    Love, Rosie xo 
  12. 2 Rose 17 Apr
    Hey Rosie, i went to TAYs concert aswell it was AMAZING!!!
    I love Taylor and i am her hughest fan in the intire history of the universe and love all her songs not one is my favourite their all fantastic. it would be my DREAM to meet TAY in person!!! i love our mags! keep writting
    Love from Tay Tay FAN
  13. 1 TG's Rosie 17 Apr
    Hey Rose, OMG your name is so similar to mine! 
    YAY! I'm so glad you had an amazing time at Tay's concert. It would be my absolute dream too! Seriously, how cool would that be?! Aw, thank you! And thank you for the comment. 

    Rosie xx 


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