Batiste's new dry shampoo

by Laura | Jun 25, 2018

Hey TGs,


Sorry I’ve been off the glam grid for the past couple of months. Inspired by our TG Goes Global issue (on sale now), I jumped on a plane to Mexico! For reals! I spent almost three whole weeks relaxing on the beach and sipping on fresh pineapple juice. I also went swimming in all the underwater caves along the Yucatan Peninsula, and guess what?! I got to swim with turtles!!! Defs one of the coolest experiences of my life. Anywho, that’s enough about my travels (this is a beauty blog, after all!), so let’s get down to business…


I have come across sooo many cool products lately, and I’m more excited than a cute doggo with a squeaky ball to share them with you! So without further ado, I introduce to you this week’s Product Pick of the Week: the Batiste dry shampoo in ‘Pink Pineapple’!


The lovely ladies at Batiste sure know how to make a gal feel spesh – when I walked into TGHQ the other week, this totally gorge fresh bouquet was waiting for me at my desk! Squee!

                         Batiste resize

Attached to the bouquet was a little parcel that contained their brand new, delightfully fruity dry shampoo. TBH, I wasn’t sure whether the product could possibly live up to the grandeur of this whole presentation, but I was WRONG! It smells like actual heaven – every time I have a whiff, it transports me back to that beach in Mexico, ahhh <3 But beyond the lovely scent, it’s actually quite miraculous how well it works to absorb excess oil. That said, I have come to expect nothing less from Batiste – their dry shampoo game has always been hella strong.


If you are yet to jump on the dry shampoo bandwagon, girl, get ON it! It will honestly change your life. You see, before I found dry shampoo, I was faced with an ongoing dilemma: do I sacrifice 30 more precious minutes of sleep to get up and wash my hair, or do I let my inner lazy girl win and embrace those greasy roots? I’d be lying if I said the latter never happened, but every time it did, I’d be longing for those oh-so-fresh and fabulous locks all day. Thanks to dry shampoo (espesh Batiste – they are legit the bee's knees), I never have to deal with that problem anymore! Whenever I can’t be bothered to wash my hair, I simply spray in some Batiste, give it a good rub/brush and away I go! Not only does it soak up the oil, but it also gives your hair some serious volume. And with the added benefit of a light fragrance, what’s not to love? 


If you’re keen to try this tropical wonder prod, it’s available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse for $9.95 (worth.Every.CENT). It comes in a bunch of other fragrances, and they’re all pretty delish – not to mention the squee-worthy packaging. Let me know if you try it! I’d love to know what you think.


Before I let you get back to living your rad little lives, I want to know if there are any fellow lazy girls out there! Are you like me and love your beauty sleep, but also love looking cute? If so, I want to hear some of your time-saving beauty hacks! Hit me up in the comments below ;)


Xo Laura


  1. 11 Alyssa 26 Jun
    hi Laura, the way you described dry shampoo was amazing I have tried batise dry shampoo before in cherry and the results were awesome! I long to get some more.
    From Alyssa xoxo
  2. 10 TG's Laura 26 Jun
    Hey Alyssa! Ooooh, I bet the cherry one was divine. I also love the 'Luxe' – it smells sah pretty! What colour hair do you have? If it's brown like mine, you might want to also try 'Beautiful Brunette'. It has a hint of colour (DW, it washes out) so you don't get any of that greyish residue. That said, if you ever do get that slightly grey hue from any of these dry shampoos, a good rub/brush will totally fix the prob ;) x
  3. 9 Alyssa 26 Jun
    hello Laura,
    i have brown hair like you so i might try the brunette one thanks for telling me about it 
    Alyssa xoxo
  4. 8 Isabel 27 Jun
    this sounds awesome! I loved the way you described the shampoo. I have blonde hair any good ones for me?
  5. 7 Lauren 28 Jun
    Hi Laura! I absolutely LOVE your blog! My time saving hack is when I brush my teeth, at the same time a brushing my hair! (of course only for those hectic mornings!). I've tried lots of dry shampoo before and i really want to try it! Is it sold is NZ?? Again I love your blog and looking forward to your next post! OMTG I love TG!! Love lauren xx
  6. 6 Isabel 01 Jul
    hey Lauren I sometimes do the same! It does save time?
  7. 5 TG's Laura 02 Jul
    Hi Isabel! Batiste do make a dry shampoo for blondes, but unfortunately it's not available in Australia (yet). Lucky for you, though, all their dry shampoos work super well on blonde locks :) x
  8. 4 TG's Laura 02 Jul
    Hey Lauren! Awww, I'm so happy to hear that you love my blog. That makes me so happy! Wow, your time-saving hack is srsly perf. I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for the tip! And yes, you can totally find Batiste in New Zealand – check out this link to find out where:   :) x
  9. 3 Ella 03 Jul
    i have tried the shampoo Laura and I love it so do all my friends could you send me a free one?
  10. 2 TG's Laura 04 Jul
    Hey Ella,  I'm so glad you and your BFFs love the shampoo! It's pretty spesh, huh?! I wonder what their next fragrance will be... Something delish I'm sure x
  11. 1 Isabel 04 Jul
    Hi thanks Laura for telling me about that. I will get it once it hits the shelves! Your blog is awesome 


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