Meet Cassie, TG's New Beauty Editor!

by Cassie | Mar 07, 2016

Hi TGs,

It’s me, Cass, Total Girl’s new beauty girl! It’s my job to talk lipgloss, hairspo and nails with you errymonth, and I’m as excited as a puppy at the park to become beauty BFFs. Here are some fun facts about me!

What is your middle name?: Lee

What was favourite subject at school?: Japanese

What is your favourite song at the moment?: Same Ol' Mistakes by Rihanna

What is your favourite food?: Chocolate and sushi!

Favourite Colour?: Blue

Do you have any pets?: No, but luckily there's a super-cute dog next door called Olive who I get to hang out with!

How many siblings do you have?: Two! A younger sis and a brother.

Favourite Movie?: Inside Out!

Favourite animal: All of them! But dogs are pretty cool.

Favourite sport: Dancing!


One of the most exciting parts of my job so far, is all the mail that I get! I’m constantly opening cute, new products to try out and test for you. Here are three of the cutest things that have landed on my desk this morning (and it's only 9:18am). 

Pixies bow

Pixie’s Bows, $24 (for two).

If I went to school still (ahh, memories) I would totally rock these in the playground.

Tribal Vibe Nail Polish

Rhythm Blue Nail Polish

Silver Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Tribal Vibe Polish, $16.95 each.

New nail polish colours! Enough said.

Pink Flamingo Soap

Lush Pink Flamingo Reuseable Bubble Bar, $10.95.

Yes, this is a flamingo! And yes, this is soap. And yes, I’m obsessed!


Tell me TGs, what prods are you loving at the moment?


(*runs off to play with nail polish for the rest of the day*)


xx Cass


  1. 15 Cass 11 Mar
    Hi Cass
    My name is Cassidy
    I love It
  2. 14 TG Fan 12 Mar
    Hi Cassie :)
    My fave prods ATM would have to be either locket necklaces or adorbs hip little purses.
    My fave colour is blue as well! I also LOVE sushi and chocolate! I have four fish and a supercute dog who is a rottwieler puppy named Cujo. I love the movie Inside Out too and that flamingo soap looks AWESOME!
    Where's mine?! :( LOL!
    You seem to have the greatest "job" (a.k.a- playing with nail polish) and I am so jealous! What's you're fave body spray ATM?
    Yes this this is the TG website, and yes it's awesome, and yes i'm obsessed! LOL!
    TG Fan
  3. 13 Olivia 20 Mar
    Hi Cassie!
    my name is Olivia.
    I LOVE TG and you are so lucky to have those stuff I'm even jealous of you!
    I hope you feel awesome that you get to work with the TG team!
    TG Fan Forever
    xx Olivia
  4. 12 Marisa 21 Mar
    Hi Cassie!!!Some info about me 
    Middle Name: Antonia
    Fave Subject: Drama 
    Fave Colour: Baby Blue
    Fave Food: Cookies (expesh choc mint)
    Fave Mag: TG of course!!
    Top 3 Mottos/ Advice
    1. Be brave.
    2. If you do it too neat, you will never complete.
    3. Be yourself, theres only one you (plus it would be weird to live in a world where everyone is the same.)
    I love TG!!
  5. 11 TG Fan 21 Mar
    OMG! Soz, my dog's name is Fuji!
  6. 10 Piper :) 26 Mar
    Hey Cassie!! 
    Ah you have such a cool job! Auntie Karyn told me all about it :)
    I like sushi and caramel slice, too! 
    Especially the ones with SUPER thick caramel!
  7. 9 Bella 28 Mar
    G'day Cassie! I love sharing advice so could you please help me share this 'freshen up' tip with fellow TG readers?
    I like to feel 101% fresh, so whenever I wake up in the morning I spruce myself up with some bubble-gum yum 'Hello Kitty' deodorant and freshen my face with a slab of 'shimmer body lotion' and a pop of fruity lip balm. Aah, so fresh. :)
  8. 8 Glamarous Gal 30 Mar
    Bella I am totes going 2 use you're tip! :)
  9. 7 Starla 14 Apr
    looks soooo cool cassie! i will use your tip 2 bella! LOL :]
  10. 6 jessica 23 Apr
  11. 5 plain ol' me 06 Jun
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease do another update soon!
  12. 4 LUSH QUEEN 19 Jun
  13. 3 Brook 29 Jun
  14. 2 Natalie 26 Jul
    I love the blue nailpolish! May you please do another update?

    - Natalie
  15. 1 Cosme 03 Dec


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