Summer Beach Beauty Essentials!

by Mel | Dec 09, 2015

Hi TGs!


I'm all about the beach at the moment - Sydney has had the most amazing weather! I've been going every weekend and sometimes, even in the afternoon during the week! I don't just like to swim and hang about in the water though. My favourite thing is taking a ball down to the beach, like a soft one, and doing "count to 10". Basically you have to have a group, and one person hits the ball up with their hand, and someone else has to hit it up again when it comes down. But coz you're in the waves, it's REALLY HARD to get it sometimes and it's so funny!


Coz I'm loving the beach so much I thought I'd share my fave beach beauty essentials with you. I always have these in my bag!

Hair brush 

Wet Brush Detangling Hair Brush in Pastel Green, $14.95 

I love these brushes because they make detangling my curly hair really easy. The bristles bend so there's almost no pulling happening! 

Everyday Clear Spray

Banana Boat EveryDay Clear Spray SPF 50+, $16.99

It's so so important to keep re-applying sunscreen so you don't get burnt. I like these mist ones because they're really easy to get on, so you can quickly get out of the water, dry off, mist it on, and they dry pretty quickly so you can get back in the water in no time!

Scunci Hair Ties

Scunci Active 6pk Knotted Ponytailers, $6.95

When I get out of the water my hair looks SO GROSS, so I like having a cute colourful hairtie to sweep it up into a messy bun. Then it looks really cute!


What are your beach essentials? And have you been swimming a lot in this lovely hot weather?


Mel xx


  1. 16 Lovato 10 Dec
    My beach essentials are: a Suvana Paw Paw&Honey Balm (my fave lip balm evz), a NZ Cancer Society Kids Pure SPF 50+ Sun Spray B), and a cute clutch to store all my beach essentials! Have a very Merry and chic  Christmas!
  2. 15 Chelsea 11 Dec
    Cute and cool Beach essentials are so in right now! :)
    That's why I carry a few cute ones of my own.
    Some of my Beach essentials include:
    *A pair of cute Sea Folly Bathers
    *My Supre Geometrical Hot Pink Beach Bag
  3. 14 jessica 12 Dec
    Hi! Thanks for up dating the blog Mel. I take sunscreen, lip balm, a hair brush, a hat and sunnies to the beach
  4. 13 Surfer Girl 14 Dec
    I like to take my board,banana boat sunscreen,hair ties,a towel and a cool beach bag.
  5. 12 Zoe 21 Dec
    My beach essentials are: a towel,sunscreen, surf board and goggles.
  6. 11 Sienna 29 Dec
    My beach essentials are my summery sports girl towel, sea folly bikini, spray on sunscreen, a cute bag, hair brush and detangling hair spray 
  7. 10 Bring It! 02 Jan
    I take my chocolate-chip lip balm and a volley ball always!
  8. 9 Jess 10 Jan
    I always wear a cute beach dress over my bikini because it is so easy just to put on and off after I go for a swim. I am really into those Turkish towels at the moment too! Some of my other beach essentials include sunscreen, a hairbrush and my awesome Sunglasses! 
  9. 8 Surfer Girl 10 Jan
    could u do another colour beauty post please?!!!
    If you do I suggest orange since you've done my other fave colour (blue!).
    :) Thanx xx!
  10. 7 Smiley face :) 12 Jan
    Yeah Jess,could you do another colour beauty post? Also I like to take snorkel stuff,sunnies,and hair spray.
  11. 6 Lily 13 Jan
    My beach essentials are sunscreen, lollypop lip smacker, cool summer cap, cute bag with my fav hair brush.
  12. 5 georgia 14 Jan
    dear smiley face : ),
    Hate to burst your bubble, but I believe you mean Mel not Jess .

    dear Mel,
    when I go to the beach I always bring a rashi, sunscreen, cherry or watermelon flavoured moisturising spf+20 lipbalm, sandles or thongs, cute hat, haierbrush, scrunch/ hair tie, headband and of course a smile.
  13. 4 Smiley face :) 16 Jan
    Oops! Sorry guys I mean Mel,thanx  Georgia! :)
  14. 3 SkipperComments 23 Jan
    Mel I <3 your blog can you please please PLEASE post more often!? Yeah another colour post would be cool I personally take to the beach...
    * My bogey board 
    * My sunnies 
    * An awesome Piping Hot Towel
    * Roxy or Speedos cozzie
    * My SPF 24+ Lipsmacker or Chapstick lipbalm
    * A cute tote bag
    * Loose change for lunch and an ice-cream
    * Sunscreen
    * Lady Jayne Tanglease
    * Detangling Spray
    * A snag less hairband
    * Oh, And of coarse a summery nail colour ( my fave is Coral Silk by ULTA3 #adorbscolour)
    sorry my list is a little long but hey!! There is no such thing as over-packing!  

  15. 2 TG Fan 29 Jan
    Mel could u pleez do another update I heart you're blog!
    Another colour post would be amaze! My suggestion: PURPLE!!
    My summer beach items include: FUN IN THE SUN!
    TG Fan
  16. 1 TG Fan 03 Feb
    Please do another update soon, Mel!


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