Nail Bella's Look

by Claire | Oct 03, 2013
Firstly, get your hands Bella-rific. As you can see, Bells goes for super-neat nails in a 'squoval' shape – that's like somewhere between a square and oval. Get this shape with a nail file and gently shape your nails somewhat flat at the top with rounded sides.

Easy peasy!

Smooth the surface of your nail with a buffer. These usually have multiple sides with slightly abrasive surfaces, kind of like sandpaper, that you can use to carefully remove any ridges in your nails. The final step of buffing delivers a natural-looking shine which can look super nice even when you have no polish on. There, all prepped and ready!

Look #1: Pearly Pink

Bella Thorne's Pink Manicure. Photo: Instagram

To get this look, try a whisper-soft pink worthy of a ballerina. We like Sally Hansen's 'Pink at Him' shade in its complete salon manicure range – it gets you looking immaculate, fast. 

Look #2: Sparkle Time!

Bella Thorne's Blue Sparkle Manicure. Photo: Instagram

Bella's blue sparkle mani is party-perfect. Copy the look with Mariah Carey for OPI in 'Get Your Number'. This delivers sparkle by the bottleful and happens to dry to a totes cool 'liquid sand' matte finish. 

Look #3: Multi-colour Floral

Bella's Multi-Colour Manicure. Photo: Instagram

Wow, this multi-coloured madness mani is crazy and we think it's gorgeous. Get your hands on some bubblegum pink polish, stick-on rhinestones and a handful of different fluoros like these ones from BYS. To get the multi-coloured artistic effect, work with one colour at a time and let it dry a bit before reaching for the next one so they don't all run together like a hot mess. To get fuzzy florals, dilute some of your colours with white nail polish or buy pastel shades and go for an artsy-looking blob.