1D Perfume Launch!

by Claire | Aug 23, 2013
Hi glam TGs!
OMTG, I went to THE most ah-mazing launch last night! It was a party for the one and only 1D fragrance, Our Moment, a super girly perfume the boys say is what they like girls to smell like!

Claire at the One Direction Fragrance Launch, Sydney
It was out in Westfield Sydney and we got to admire the glittery lights of the city through huge windows while enjoying delish food and bottles of the fragrance sitting on floral-draped tables. Suuuper lush!
So what does Our Moment smell like? Well, it’s a blend of pink grapefruit, frangipani, creamy musk and sooo much more. It’s fresh and girly and you TGs are going to love it! The boys say they were involved with bottle design: it’s multi-faceted (like them!) with a crown to nod to their British and Irish roots and pink to reference the florals in the fragrance.

1D Fragrance: 'Our Moment'
The boys said some seriously cute stuff via video and I have a feeling Directioners are going to looove the amazeballs TV commercial for the perfume.
Niall had a special message about the perfume just for Aussies: “Enjoy, it smells very nice. I gave it to my Mum, she enjoys it. G’day, g’day, g’day.”
So what was in the goodie bags? My very own 1D fragrance, obvs, which is causing a huge stir at TGHQ right now, and a 1D cupcake, plus a huge dreamy poster of the boys! Am I the luckiest TG or what?!
Get your own bottle of Our Moment, the One Direction fragrance, from Myer from August 26.
Form an orderly queue Directioners!

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  1. 1 Emma 31 Aug
    That sounds soooooooooooooo cool even though I don't really like 1D!