I Answer Georgie & April's Beauty Questions!

by Claire | Aug 14, 2013
Dear TGs,
When I was your age, I had a lot of questions! I still have a lot of questions to this day. Now that I think about it, having so many questions in me is probs why I grew up to be a journalist. As you might have guessed, I LOVE questions: asking them and answering them, and I especially love questions from readers like you. I’ll field a couple of them right now: 

Claire answers beauty questions! Photo: Getty Images
Dear Claire,
Yesterday morning I woke up and found out that my nails had turned orange overnight! Please tell me how I ended up with them and I'll try to prevent it.
Thanks, Georgie

Dear Georgie,
Hmm, that’s a bit strange! I’m assuming you didn’t sleep walk over to a bag of Cheetos. A couple of things could cause your nails to discolour. One is nail polish – if you’re not in the habit of using base coat, certain colours could cause some discolouration. Also, have you been eating stacks of carrots lately? Sounds crazy, but this can cause a build up of carotene and make you look orangish (I know, SO weird). Finally, if the orange tint doesn’t go away and is bothering you, talk to Mum and Dad. The condition of your nails can reveal a lot of about your general health so you might want to go to a doc to be super sure you’re doing okay. 
Love, Claire XOXO

Hi Claire,
I've got another drama. When I rub my head some of it has sand coming out and sort of falls out. Do you have any recommendations for that? If you do I'd be really grateful.
Thanks, April

Hi April,
Unless you’ve been to the beach lately, ‘sand’ coming out of your hair when you rub your head is probably dandruff. That’s a fairly common scalp problem where the skin flakes off in little white pieces. Not harmful, but kind of a downer. Just invest in some special anti-dandruff shampoo – 'Head and Shoulders' is pretty well-known – and when you’re using it, take extra care to keep it out of your eyes because these kinds of shampoos have special ingredients you don’t want in any sensitive areas. 
Love, Claire XOXO


  1. 11 Ana 19 Aug
    Every morning and every night I wash my face but during the day it is still oily! I use a cleanser then a toner on my face but it still isn't working. What do I do?
  2. 10 Annaliese 21 Aug
    Dear Claire,
    My problem is every night I put lots of Nivea Hydro Care lip balm but in the morning my lips are dry and chapped.
    What should I do?
    Annaliese xo 
  3. 9 TG's Claire 21 Aug
    Dear Annaliese,

    Dry lips were a huge problem for me for ages. It's possible that exact product isn't working for you so try a couple of other balms. My faves are plain ol' Vaseline and Lucas' paw paw ointment - both are very soothing and nourishing on chapped lips. Take care not to lick or bite your lips as this can make dryness worse.

    Dear Ana,

    Sometimes your skin can just pump up the oil production - skin will pretty much do what it wants so the best you can do is manage it. Try and find a cleanser intended for oily skin and see what happens if you ditch the toner. The thing about toner is sometimes it can make skin SO dry that it starts overcompensating with extra oil! If you're not into a shiny face in the daytime, try paper face blotters to pat the oil away.

    XOXO TG's Claire
  4. 8 Leigh 22 Aug
    I keep biting my nails ,i try to grow them longer but I keep finding myself chewing them, I just can't stop ,no matter what  , please help me,i'ts even making it hard for me to do funky nail art
  5. 7 Lucia 22 Aug
    Hi Claire,
    On my leg their is a frreckle,
    but its looks really red and
    a bi scaby.
    What should I do?

    Thanks Lucia
  6. 6 Annaliese 24 Aug
    OMG, thanks for replying Clarie I didn't expect anyone to reply. I will try your advice.
    Annaliese xoxo
  7. 5 Annaliese 24 Aug
    Dear Leigh,
    I'm no Claire but I do have some advice. To stop you biting your nails think of how awesome your nail art would look. Or you could get a friend to stay with you to stop you when you go to bite your nails. I hope my advice helps.
    Annaliese xoxo
  8. 4 Emma 26 Aug
    Hi Claire
    My lips are getting really dry. Do you know what I could do or what lip balms would help.
  9. 3 TG's Claire 27 Aug
    Hi Leigh,

    There's a couple of things you can do to stop biting your nails. Try a few anti-biting treatments at your local chemist - there are things like bad-tasting nail polish to deter you from chomping down. If you find you don't like it when your nail gets ragged and you tend to chew the ragged bit off, carry a file or nail clippers to keep everything short and neat. If you bite as a nervous habit, try to chill out a bit and find something else to do with your mouth and hands: maybe put some gum in your mouth and a stress ball in your hands.

    Hi Lucia,

    Your freckle sounds like a bit of a problem, but if it's just a scab, it should take care of itself. Remember - if the skin is scabbed, do not pick at it. Let it heal in its own time. Picking could make your skin scar. If your scab stays red and painful, show it to Mum or Dad - depending on what they say, you might check in with your doc.

    Hi Emma,

    For dry lips, make sure you keep hydrated with water, avoid licking your lips as this temporary relief can make things worse, and use a balm that soothes the skin such as Vaseline or paw paw ointment. You can also scrub away dry, flaky skin with a lip scrub, such as a sugar scrub.

    XOXO Claire
  10. 2 monique 02 Sep
    hi clair
    my fringe is really annoying. it always goes curly or bumpy. it usually looks really bad. and even when i tray to blow dry it nicly, it stays like that for half the day and then it curls again. and i dont want to straighten it everyday cause I dont want to ruin it. do you know any ways i can make it stay nice? thank you! :)
    monique Btw- LOVE your mag! and its my birthday this month! yay!
  11. 1 Gemma 03 Sep
    Hi Claire :)
    I don't chew my nails but they don't seem to grow. I put Diamond Clear Strength nail polish on to help them and I clean them every morning and night to make sure there is no chemicals under them. Can you help?