Beauty Mood Boosters

by Claire | Jun 20, 2013

Hey TGs!

Ever get kind of down sometimes? Let's face it, we all do. The great thing about some beauty tricks is they work as an instant mood booster. 

Here are my fave ways to get a smile back on your dial: 


  1. Try a high ponytail. Sounds silly but it's true – a high, perky ponytail can really lift you up. I know some girls use this hairstyle to signal to their besties that they're feeling high on life. A high, swishy ponytail not only gets your hair out of your face, it also looks great, is easy and manageable and can be done with a super cute twist. 

    You could try wrapping a small chunk of hair from the underside around the elastic band to hide it for a super polished pony, you could add a bow in the colour of your choice, you could tuck a fresh flower under the band, you could team it with a preppy headband

    Want more proof the ponytail lends itself to a cheery mood? When was the last time you saw a cheerleader looking sour? 
  2. Try bright nail polish – the brighter the better! Fluoro nails can look great, or you could try any bold sunshine shade, electric blue, fizzy purple, whatever takes your fancy. When your nails could light up the room, you’ll feel great in no time.

    Beauty Mood Boosters! Photo: Getty Images
  3. Try a quirky accessory. As the weather cools off, now’s the time to whip out an animal ears beanie (trust me, I’ve got half a dozen of them). When you’re wearing cat ears or teddy bear ears or any sort of hilarious, adorbs ear, you’ll find yourself grinning madly, as will others around you.
  4. Try a new fragrance. I love doing this – the pretty bottles and sweet scents are bound to give you a buzz. Perfumes can be a little exxy, so if your funds are a little limited, just go to the perfume counter with mum and spray a few on for fun.



  1. 13 Phoebe 20 Jun

    Love your blog and would love to win a prize PLEASE
  2. 12 Elizabeth 20 Jun
    I tried the beine at school and everyone was looking at me
  3. 11 Ti 22 Jun
    I play sports frequently, but I still have a slight girly side to me, Like Every TG Girl does! I found that a High Ponytail Not Only Looks Great, But It keeps my hair out of my eyes when I am playing sports! And As For The Beanie, it is Too Cute! All My Besties Wanted To Borrow It! I love them! For My Bestie's B'day Next Week, I am gonna buy her a matching beanie, just like mine! I Love You Claire, Forever and Always!
  4. 10 suzi 23 Jun
    I think its perfect 4 a girl...!!! i luv it..!!! <3<3<3
  5. 9 Lucia 24 Jun
    Hey Claire,
    great ideas.
    I've tried the pony tail once and I get these lumps on the top of my
    hair! What should I do???
  6. 8 TG's Claire 24 Jun
    Hey hey Lucia,
    Get yourself a nice wide-toothed comb and patiently work through those lumps that can pop up when you're doing your high pony tail. Just smoothly run that comb right through them and they should comb out. This can take time, especially if your hair is thick and curly (like mine), so just go slow and you'll like the result. 

    Hey Suzi! Thanks for the ace feedback!

    Hey Ti, I love you too. Keep reading Total Girl - we all love having fans like you. 

    Hi Elizabeth - was everyone looking at your beanie because they thought it was cool, or because maybe it wasn't right because of a uniform code? If it's a uniform thing, maybe save your beanie for the weekend. 

    Hi Phoebe - glad you like my blog! If you want to win a prize, make sure you check out Prize Pool every month in the mag. You can enter online. 

    XOXO Claire
  7. 7 Annabelle 26 Jun
    WOW Claire, your beauty tips are TG-tastic!!!!  I LOVE YOU CLAIRE!!!! I tried putting my hair in a high ponytail and it really helps!!! Haha, but it was really funny when we were playing netball l had my hair in a high ponytail and when l did a privet, l swooshed my hair right into my partner's face!! She was really angry at me, but everyone on my team was laughing!! It was hilarious!! I absolutely LOVE your beauty tips Claire, will love you and TGHQ forever and always.... And l won the tickets to the JANOSKIANS!!!
  8. 6 Jade 30 Jun
    Everything totally worked that high pony tail was awesome. I also accessorized it with a really cute bow I had.
    Love ya Claire
  9. 5 Cece 03 Jul
    Hi Claire!
    I love your blog an the Glamourama section in the mag. I love the things in there and want to buy it all but my mum says I'm too young for everything. Is there anything I can do?
    Please help
    - Cece
  10. 4 amber 04 Jul
    My fav accessory is either my blue and fizzy purple scarf or my mouse beanie!  :)
    At the moment my nails are purple but I will keep the pretty blue nail polish in mind!
    I have purple, pink, orange, black, red, florow yellow nail polish and now I will look for that lovely blue!!
    Thanks CLAIRE!!
    Amber :)  :)
  11. 3 Cassie 04 Jul
    Luv u Claire :) :) <3 <3
     Talk 'bout AWESOME BLOG!! Great ideas!
     Everything a girl should know, in a few para's!
    Luv u, forever ans Always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

    P.S. How can I win a prize??
  12. 2 Lucia 05 Jul
    Hey Claire,
    Just letting you know that I'm not the same Lucia.
    I love the nail polish it is awesome. I love the colour.
    The penguin beanie is absolutely adorable. 
    From Lucia xoxo
  13. 1 Elise 28 Aug
    I luv the cute penguin beanie I want it! -Elise