'The Lost Girls' Ah-maze Sleepover!

by | Jun 27, 2013

Ever dream of running wild and having a weekend home alone to raid the lolly jar, build a ‘Girl’s Only’ fort and fill the bathroom with bubbles?

The Lost Girls: blue patttern dress

Well, prepare to get majorly jelly over The Lost Girls spring/summer Home Alone campaign! Model/blogger Zali ruled the house for a whole two days and got to model some seriously trendy ensembles too!

I was fortunate enough to get invited to the slumber party, where I chatted with The Lost Girl’s Brand Manager, Pat, to give you the full low-down of this uber cool collection and what trends will pack a punch next season!

For more on The Lost Girls spring/summer collection, be sure to check out July TG’s Style Files for our exclusive interview with Zali and hilarious BTS pics!

Q: What are the key trends from The Lost Girls collection?

A: Loads of colour! We are showcasing bright florals, cool ombre dip-dyed animal print and being inspired by everything rainbow!

The Lost Girls: colour

Q: Describe the ultimate Lost Girl?

A: She is a trendsetter but always stays true to her own personal style! She is cheeky and just wants to have fun!

Q: What are the standout pieces from the collection?

A: There are so many! The “Tigers Eye” jumper (with the a huge tiger print on the front) is pretty incredible. We also have super cool studded denim shorts!

The Lost Girls: tiger print

Q: Who do you draw inspiration from?

A: Street style trends. I love seeing what other people overseas are wearing and it’s usually different and new!

Q: Should you dress for trend or personality?

A: I love to pull ideas and be inspired by what’s trending but then add my own style to it.



  1. 9 Lucia 29 Jun
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    Thanks for the lovely information! Will so keep that advice in mind!
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    I heard that dresses with a cardigan is in. I know all about fashion !