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hi total girl i love your mags they make me run to the magazin aisle in woolies but you should do an ava max mag with fidget toys as a bonus gift - Charlotte Go Jonas bros you are a inspiration to me so thank you! - Rachel Hey TG I love your mags never stop making them shout out to my dog Jaffa I love her so much-Bella - Bella Hi Arianators Ariana is married with dalton gomez so be happy and excited - thea I 💗 total girl - Ngan You mags are the best thing I have ever read it keeps me so entertained YOU ARE AWESOME! - Megan I love TG best magazine ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - chloe Shoutout to evangeline lilly and orlando bloom they made the best movies ever xx love lotr anyone else? lord of the rings is noice- avs - Ava Hi my name is Rio and I want to say thank you for making such a cool mag that I LOVE! - Rio Hi - Porsha


Ellie 1 Tay Tay fan
OMG!! I have never heard of the movie or is gidget is a cat or dog.
19/3/2016 9:51:15 AM
Lovato she is 50% fluff but 110% tuff
20/2/2016 12:43:08 PM
I have to watch this movie!!! Btw, Gidget is SO CUTE! <3
29/1/2016 8:26:50 PM
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