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December TG Embarrassing Moments!

Tags:   embarrassing


Dora Dilemma
31/3/2016 2:07:54 AM
Story two I'v been there .
6/3/2016 4:13:19 AM
Go #1&2
6/3/2016 1:42:45 AM
The Dora dilemma one is super embarrassing.OMG!
14/2/2016 8:20:03 PM
not funny
14/2/2016 8:44:20 AM
dora one is funny
8/1/2016 9:05:06 AM
totes all 3 where soooooo funny I cracked up straight away WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/1/2016 2:34:56 AM
4/1/2016 6:37:14 AM
My favourite is #2 Windy Walk
12/12/2015 2:52:43 AM
My fav Embarrassing Moment is #2 Windy Walk by Ellie.
12/12/2015 12:48:38 AM
Sian's is the worst
5/12/2015 3:35:09 AM
#windy walk is so embarro
28/11/2015 8:22:18 PM
Definitely "Off roading" but closely Dora Dilemma
27/11/2015 8:52:54 AM
My fave is Windy Walk! LOL 100x!
25/11/2015 7:16:51 AM
windy walk was so embarrassing
24/11/2015 12:51:40 AM
Bratayley Fan
HAHA number 3 LOL
23/11/2015 9:56:21 PM
Windy walk is my fav
23/11/2015 9:46:39 PM
I think "Dora dilemma " was rather embarrassing. I had a similiar incident where my bag got ripped by our dog, and I had to use my brother's bob the builder one! I know how you feel, Sian!😀
21/11/2015 7:00:07 AM
"Dora Dilemma" is very embarrassing! IDK what I would've done. LOL
21/11/2015 3:41:32 AM
i think windy walking is my fave
19/11/2015 9:48:56 PM
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