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Dear TG, I liked the magazine of Zoe Blaire beacause l liked the pages of it’s my universe and totally embarrassing pages of the magazine. I’ve already read Charlie D Amelio magazine of TG.l subscribed to your YouTube channel too, this is the best magazine ever! Kind Regards, Lily - Lily Be strong, be kind, and you'll be loved. - Jade Hi ever TG out there - Yosr Biggest shoutout to my niece - Sophialoren Hey guys I just want to say congratulations to the people that won and I hope your very happy and I just want to make a shout out to me, myself and I for being me and being great. Be happy stay positive and continue to stay beefy. ROAST BEEF!! - Riley Hey TG love you guys sooo much I want to work with you so bad. Never stop making mags!! -Betty - Betty Hey I love TG sooo much i have heaps of mags never stop making them i just singend up! ❤❤💕🙌❤😍 - Betty-Rose I love your magazine’s they are the best.-Lil - Lil I love Total Girl. Never stop making your magazines. I love Total Girl. - Leila Please can you put a desendents 3 mag I love them and love the mags keep making them - Avalyn

Bonus December Totally Embarrassing!

Tags:   embarrassing


Fart bomb As I slowly come onto stage I felt like I was about to pee my pants. When I took a seat I didn’t notice that there was a microphone on the chair. At that minute I farted. Everyone was laughing even my crush!!!!! Your #1 fan Aria
28/11/2021 6:18:43 PM
phoebe haha
12/4/2016 1:29:53 AM
LOLOL phoebe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and brooke
20/3/2016 1:53:41 AM
Mmmm story two is just sad ....
6/3/2016 4:10:48 AM
Poor Brooke
6/3/2016 1:36:42 AM
i feel really sorry for phoebe.i didnt have that good of a birthday either when I was turning nine.
18/2/2016 12:18:48 AM
phobe must still be so embaressed
15/2/2016 9:33:42 PM
poor Phoebe!!
9/2/2016 6:31:35 AM
My fave ones are Extra Security and Shadow Show
26/1/2016 7:09:33 AM
OMG!! Shadow show is just like LOL😄
24/1/2016 12:47:32 AM
How sad 😿
22/1/2016 7:52:59 PM
Poor Brooke I feel so bad for her
22/1/2016 7:52:32 PM
OMTG I feel so bad for all of them :)
22/1/2016 3:42:22 AM
I vote for shadow show! it is so funny! Lol!
20/1/2016 6:58:32 AM
LOL sooo funny my bro and sis love reading these embarrassing moments as much as i do
12/1/2016 12:21:16 AM
I think all of them were hilarious bot if I had to pick one it would be extra security lol ps. I feel so sorry for phoebe
8/1/2016 4:22:19 AM
I fell sorry for phoebe Beacause it was her B`day and her crush walked past:)
6/1/2016 3:26:52 AM
4/1/2016 10:43:02 PM
I don't know which is the worst- they're all pretty embarrassing 😁😂
27/12/2015 6:49:26 AM
number 2
19/12/2015 7:33:00 PM
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