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Shout out to my BFF Myah u r the best friend I could ever ask for - Emily Thank you for putting me in the magazines Jan and Feb, my bday is on the 3 of feb so can you please put a millie Bobby brown poster in the March issue, it would be so nice of you!😁😁😁😁 - Yasmin Just a shout out to my BFFS Leah and Shana I love you girls xo - Bree I would like to give a shout out to my bestie Hailey, we read TG mags all the time!!🐬 - Kenzie you guys make my life interesting tysm! sophie xxx - Sophie shout out to all the people that love dogs!!!!! - Autumn Hi everyone I'm poppy! Have an awesome day guys!!! - Poppy Please never stop making Total Girl! - Emily I LOVE UR MAGS TG!!! love, Laurel (PS my b'day's in September! i'll be 10!! you're awesome!!!) - Laurel shout out to all the people that love dogs!!!!! - Autumn


OMG, look at how cute laura and callum look. So jealous you get to go to disney world. Love your show. :)
4/7/2015 5:14:23 AM
OMG,How Cute Are Calum and Laura!!!!!! Love Austin and Ally!!!!
10/6/2015 7:04:10 AM
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What's your fave thing to do at a sleepover?
Watch the latest Barbie movie and eat popcorn
Play dress-ups and have a fashion parade
Sing along with my besties to Taylor Swift on Popstar Party
Paint our nails and eat lots and lots of ice-cream
Raid the TG mags to get tips for our next DIY sesh!