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Hey TG I am a huge fan. Shoutout to my parents for getting me every TG mag that we could. Thanks mum and dad - Kaylee Hi! - Johara hey TG shout out to my dog jaffa its her birthday! - Bella Hi TG keep up the good work! - Ngan Cobra kai is the best!!! - Daisy Hi TG this is the best mag ever. I love how you put all the little toys in the magazine keep doing the amazing things that you do -Juliette - Juliette I am just of 14 and i like this web - Nidhi shout out to my best friends swaye and elexie for being there for me and i love you koby - Lauren Shout out to my bff Sofia! - lucy Hi TG, so glad I won in comps club! Can you please add a Lego friends figure or Lego set in one of the next mags plus can you do a mega poster of why don't we. Hope to meet you from 1 of your biggest fans that go on here nearly everyday .......................... - Daisy