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Hi TG writers! I love your magazine, I have read it for years, and I hope I win the Cruella Comp to share the prize between my friends! Shout out to my friends! - Grace Hi love the mags there awesome can u add Taylor swift in the July issue of Total Girl? - Eliana JUSTIN!!! FEATURE JUSTIN!!! - Jade Good job on the magazines! There really cool. They have everything i love! :) - Samara I love ❤️ TG mag’s never stop being so AMAZING 🤩-Sarah - Sarah Hey total girl it’s ari, just wanna thank u for mentioning me in ur mag ! - Ariana I saw someone else called Jade!!Hi!!! - Jade shoutout to tg - Bella Shoutout to my amazing friends and family - bailey - Laura Love these mags! Also I can't wait for season 2 of the Baby-Sitters club!:) - Issabella