TG Reveals...Pip's Fave Shopkin!

by | Feb 27, 2015

We are so, so excited about the new season of Shopkins TGs! Have you met them yet? You can see some of the new characters right here on Total Girl online!


This week we have TG’s Pip to introduce a new character from Season 2, her absolute fave! Pip is the Managing Editor at TG. So she decides what stories go in the mag, where the pages go and how they should look. Pip also has to make sure all the stories are totes on time so the mag can get printed and make it to the shops for you to buy!

Pip's fave Shopkin is...

Choco Lava Shopkins Season 2
Choco Lava!

Pip says: "Choco Lava is THE cutest Shopkin ever! Chocolate is one of my fave things to eat – when it's treat time of course! Throw a strawberry in the mix and I'm sold. But I could NEVER eat Choco Lava, she's way too adorbs. So I just sit her on my computer, next to her perfect purple shopping bag, and look at all her cuteness instead.”

Pip Choco Lava
Pip and Choco Lava!

What do you think of Season 2 Shopkins TGs? Did you get one with your March issue of TG? Which one did you get? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. 13 Aroha 23 Mar
    Dear pip
    when I got my 3 total girl booklet I got choco lava I have to agree she is pretty cute
  2. 12 Jenniferr 12 Apr
    He is pretty cute
  3. 11 lily 24 Sep
    at the moment I have 94 shopkins! and Choco lava  is one of them
  4. 10 Kate 27 Sep
    sooo cute! I love her to, Pip
  5. 9 Brook 14 Dec
    Wow I love shopkins,I have 46,a shopkins bed spread and more!
  6. 8 taylor 26 Dec
    OMG i got shopkins for christmas from every one in my family
  7. 7 Raneli 14 Jan
    That is so adorable
  8. 6 Jessica 19 Mar
    I have both colours of Choco Lava, and i absolutely LOVE Choco Lava as much as you Pip!
  9. 5 Summer 12 Jun
    i <3 shopping my fave is April apricot she is to cute
  10. 4 Nina 05 Oct
    So true
    It is just soooo cute :-)
  11. 3 Chloe 25 Dec
  12. 2 esther 21 Jan
    My fave Shopkin is the juice one!

  13. 1 Emma 08 Sep
    I agree pip I love choco lava, and also thank you very much for organising everything ☺️


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