TG Reveals...Claire L's fave Shopkin!

by | Feb 06, 2015

In the TG team, Claire L is Deputy Editor, so she’s a kind of word boss: she does heaps of reading, heaps of writing and heaps of checking of everyone else's reading and writing. 

Claire L’s fave Shopkin is…

Shopkins Wobbles


Claire L says I like Wobbles, because as Beyoncé would say, I am ready for this jelly! LOL.

Wobbles looks very sweet-natured and delicious, but she is a rare jelly in that I don't wish to eat her, I wish to be her friend.

If Wobbles and I went out somewhere, I think we'd go shopping in the air-conditioning because she'd probs melt outside.”

Claire Low and Wobbles from Shopkins

Claire and Wobbles!

Who’s your fave Shopkin TGs? Why? We want to know! Tell us in the comments below…


Don’t forget to check next week for the next TG reveal and find out who Cassie’s fave Shopkin is!


  1. 10 Aman 06 Feb
    I love Ice-Cream Dream from Season 2! 
  2. 9 charlotte 06 Feb
    i have all of the new shopkins and the old ones
  3. 8 mia 06 Feb
    my favourite is soda pops because the expression on his face is so cute and funny it makes me want to laugh everyday
  4. 7 Emma 08 Feb
    I love is spoiled milk from season one. From season two I like marsha mello because spoiled milk is adroble and marsha mello is a ultra rare one but she is such a cutie pie.
  5. 6 Gen 10 Feb
    My fave is Tommy Ketchup from season 1! I like him because he's super cute! 
  6. 5 Charlee 14 Feb
    Papa tomato because I just his sunglasses they are so cute
  7. 4 kajol 20 Feb
    my fave shopkins would have to be wobbles , and choclate
  8. 3 Sophie 27 Feb
    rockin broc is so funny but i LOVE melonie pips!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 2 layla 06 Mar
     i totes loooooooooove toffee apple it is soooooo adorbs
  10. 1 Ashlyn 10 Mar
    If I had to just pick one it would be cheeky chocolate because i have been wanting her and got her from my friend 


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