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Hey y’all - Betty Shout out to my cute emotion octopus and my sister! - Aadya I love TG I even beg for my mum to buy it - Savannah Shout out to my BFF Ali we both collect these awesome mags! - Isabelle I love my Mum!! - Ava Dear TG, My name is Rose and I love total girl! My fav thing of the mag is the comps and embarrassing moment’s. I would also like to say thanks for the cool prize! I won the three resoftebles! - Rose TG is amaz blogs!👍👍👍👍👍👍 - Manon I love Total Girl and it is ALWAYS my go to book on a rainy day ❤️😇🌼🌈🌧 - Eloise Hi Total Girl!!! I love reading your mag it is quick and easy to take on the go. I love reading with my friends!!! - Emily Never stop making your mags! - Manon

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