• Matilda The Musical!

    by Candice | Oct 01, 2015

    Hi Total Girls!

    Roald Dahl
    has always been my favourite author, and this month I saw his books come to life! I was lucky enough to attend the Matilda The Musical media call and interviewed the talented cast.

    The four amazing girls who play Matilda (they switch on different nights!) were so excited about my Disney microphone and were so pumped about appearing on
    Saturday Disney.

    One of the questions I asked them was:
    “If you could have one magic power in real life, what would it be?” The girls all replied, “Invisibility!” Imagine all the things you could do if you were invisible. If I were invisible, I would probably join the Matilda cast and perform each night with the Matildas. No one would ever know…it would be hilarious! 

    Media Call Matilda

    I also interviewed the beautiful Miss Honey who explained just how important vocal warm ups are before each performance. I was on crutches during the interview (I broke my foot and ankle) otherwise I would have loved to practice my cartwheels with Miss Honey! 

    Candice and Miss Honey

    Mr and Mrs Wormwood also made me laugh. I was relieved to find out that they are a lot more approachable in real life. On stage, they are SCARY! Mrs Wormwood, also a fan of Roald Dahl, talked about how she still has her childhood copy of Matilda in her dressing room. It just shows that you can make your dreams come true when you really believe in something! 

    Candice and Wormwoods

    My absolute favourite book by Roald Dahl is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I felt as though we brought his pages to life during my recent interview with Anna Polyviou (a celebrity chef who has been on MasterChef!).

    Anna and I went head-to-head in a chocolate cook-off. We had to make Anna’s famous chocolate “WAG-ANNAS”. Two biscuits, chocolate and an amazing selection of toppings came together to create magic.

    Anna was slightly - ok way - better than I was!  I love how Anna brings a unique energy to everything she works on. It’s one way to make your mark on the world! Can you believe she even brings along her own DJ when she does her cooking demonstrations.  It’s all about having fun!

    Candice and the chocolate creation!

    The highlight for me was the fact that our set was filled with real chocolate!  Whenever we took a quick break, I’d help myself to some white, dark or milk chocolate.  As you can see, the chocolate chunks were MASSIVE so I made sure I paced myself and only had a little bit at a time. I wish the Disney House was made out of real chocolate. Now that would be cool.  

    Candice and Anna

    Until next time, keep smiling! Love Candice xx

    PS: Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.  

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  • Disney Descendants Premiere!

    by Teigan | Aug 27, 2015

    Hi Total Girls,


    I am literally bursting at the seams; I can’t wait to share with you my recent trip to LA. I was lucky enough to travel over to LA with Saturday Disney and first stop was the Disney Descendants Premiere! This was an actual Red Carpet event in LA, how cool is that, only the carpet wasn’t red it was purple.


    I caught up with all of the cast members; we spoke about what it is like to be the descendants of Disney heroes and Villains plus loads more, make sure you tune into Saturday Disney September 12th to see all of the interviews.


    If YOU could be a descendant of any Disney character who would it be?

    Me, well I would pick Maleficent! So technically that means Dove Cameron and I are similar. Dove (Liv and Maddie) was so lovely, I gave her a plush Koala bear as a gift, you are never too old for stuffed animals; she told me she collects them. (SAME!)


    Here is a picture of Nathan and I on the purple carpet with actress Sophia Carson, she plays Evie, the Evil Queens daughter.

    (The reason why I look so concerned in this photo is because Nathan aka the Magic Mirror just gave Sophia an APPLE from the Evil Queen, don’t worry it’s not poisonous!)


    Did you know that there was an Aussie in the film too? Mitchel Hope was representing all us Aussies, he played Prince Ben, and also had some great advice: if you want to be an actor or an actress keep at it and never give up on your dreams!



    We then visited the sets of Best Friends Whenever and Girl Meets World! Met a lot of the stars, had a lot of laughs and we were shown how their shows are put together! There are a lot of people involved from lighting, to makeup, to directors, producers, wardrobe, camera operators, sound guys, the list goes on!

    This is Sabrina Carpenter and I on the set of Girl Meets World having a little chat in between filming. 



    This is Rowan Blanchard and I having loads of fun on set! 



    I feel like I have so much more to tell you so make sure you are watching Saturday Disney to catch all of our adventures. Until next time TG’s, and remember be strong, be bold and always follow your dreams!


    Love Teigs x

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  • National Tree Day!

    by Candice | Aug 03, 2015

    Hi Total Girls!

    I can officially say I have a green thumb! Teigan and I recently visited Rockdale Public School to help build a beautiful vege garden to celebrate National Tree Day. There was purple kale, strawberry plants and even chia seeds! 

    After planting the little seedlings, we made sure we watered them and even sang a cute song to help them grow. This is the first part of our song: “Can you hear us little seeds?  We’ll protect you from the weeds!”    

    Candice and Teigan

    We had an incredible team and I was impressed by how much knowledge the guys had about planting.  A few tips I picked up included separating the roots of the seedling before burying them in the soil and using wooden planks to avoid walking on the seedlings. I know my friends at Rockdale are keeping a close eye on the garden.  Hopefully next time I visit, the strawberries will be ready for picking!

    Candice in garden

    Who knows Jackson Gallagher from Home and Away? Well guess what, he is officially a magician! As part of an epic Saturday Disney story, Jackson and I learnt so many awesome magic tricks.

    Jackson changed a bank note into a credit card right in front of me and I still don’t know how he did it. We worked out that magic is similar to TV in some ways. 

    For example, it might be freezing cold at Palm Beach but the producers use illusions (mainly lighting) to make it look like it’s really hot at Summer Bay.

    Candice and Jackson

    Have you learnt any new magic tricks lately? It's always a smart idea to have one or two up your sleeve.   


    Keep smiling.

    Love Candice xx

    PS: Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.  

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  • Minions Premiere Adventure!

    by Teigan | Jul 01, 2015

    Hi Total Girls,


    Recently I headed over to Paris and London for the Minions Premiere. It was my first time in Europe! Here’s what I got up to…


    My producer and I landed in Paris after a long 24-hour flight. To get to Paris we flew from Sydney to Dubai, Dubai to Heathrow (in London), and then London to Paris! It’s a long trip but luckily I slept most of the way.


    Paris was fantastic - we saw a lot of different iconic sites, from the Eiffel Tower to the famous art gallery, the Louvre!


    This is me in front of the Eiffel Tower! TGs, did you know that it is 301m high and its height varies by 15cm depending on if it is cold or hot? Wow!

    Teigan Eiffel Tower

    Below is the Louvre. I tried to do one of those photos where you hold it up… how did I go? Can you guys tell me which famous painting is inside? (The answer is below)  

    Teigan Louvre large

    A - Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

    I was also invited to check out Illumination Mac Guff, which is an animation studio in Paris where Minions (and a bunch of other animations were made!) I met Kyle and Pierre who are the directors of the film, and Pierre actually voiced over 100 minion voices!! How cool is that?!

    Teigan with Minions animators

    We then caught the train from Paris to London - isn’t it amazing that you can go to a different country by train?

    In London I was lucky enough to meet the voice of Scarlett Overkill… SANDRA BULLOCK! (You can see my chat with her on the
    Saturday Disney website

    Teigan Nash and Sandra Bullock

    I then attended the world premiere of Minions. What an incredible atmosphere! TGs, who’s your favourite Minion?

    Teigan on the yellow carpet at the Minions premiere

    Oh and I couldn’t leave London without getting a photo next to a red phone box! 

    Teigan red phone booth


    That’s all for now! Stay happy and follow your dreams!


    Teigs x 

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  • Party Planning Ideas!

    by Candice | Jun 03, 2015

    Hi TGs, 

    Who loves planning birthday parties? I do! Parties are so much fun but they can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t know where to start. I was lucky enough to meet with event architect and stylist Philip Carr who had all the answers! I learnt so much about designing a beautiful party area.

    Philip taught me that you should decide on an idea, theme or colour and carry it through.  For my party, Philip chose a strawberry tablecloth and then organised big bowls of strawberries and pink roses.  Philip also suggested great games to play including: musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel. 

    Invitations should be sent around 3-4 weeks before the party so people have time to get organised and excited for the event.  It’s the best feeling when you receive an invitation!

    Candice Party Planning
    Me and Philip Carr!

    I also recently had a behind-the-scenes tour of the movies. Even though the cinema is now 100% digital, there were giant reels and film on display which was really interesting.  Did you know that the strips of film used to be delivered to the movies on reels and then fed into a projector?  The light from the projector would create an image on the screen.  Technology has come so far, it’s pretty awesome that we can now take photos and videos on our phones!   

    Brandon and Candice At The Cinema
    I made friends behind the scenes at the movies!

    Keep smiling and dreaming. 

    Love Candice xx

    PS: Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.  

  • Gold Coast Fun!

    by Teigan | May 08, 2015

    Hi Total Girls,


    I feel like it has been forever since I have written, boy do we have some catching up to do! Earlier this year, the Saturday Disney team packed their bags and headed for the Gold Coast. What better way to spend a week than in the sunshine? (Yes, we remembered to SLIP SLOP SLAP). We got to hang out at Dreamworld, on the beach where I introduced Nathan to sunrise yoga, hung out with some pro surfers at the Quiky Pro and I visited Outback Spectacular. 

    Gold Coast Candice Nathan Teigan

    We filmed at Dreamworld for 3 days and went on some pretty scary rides – Candice and I loved the thrill and adrenalin of all the scary rides like the Giant Drop and Tower of Terror, Nathan on the other hand gets really scared of heights. Did I mention while we were running around and filming we were dressed up as a Banana, Carrot and Hot Dog?! Here’s a pic: 

    Hot Dog Banana Carrot Gold Coast 

    Nathan and I woke up super early one morning and headed for the beach, where we rolled out our mats and took part in a yoga class. This was the first time Nathan has done yoga - he did pretty well! What do you think? 

    Nathan Yoga Saturday Disney

    Following the relaxing yoga we spent the day chatting to some of the surfing professionals, learning the surf lingo! Gnarly dude, surf’s up!

    Beach Teigan Nathan Saturday Disney

    I was also given behind the scenes access to the Outback Spectacular performance. I got to groom the horses, play with one of the dogs in the show (I love dogs!) and watch the performers rehearse in the arena. What a fun experience! 

    Teigan Horse Saturday Disney

    I love being able to travel to some amazing places and share with you some of our experiences. Until next time TGs!


    Love Teigan x

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  • Milson Island Camping Adventure!

    by Candice | Apr 02, 2015

    Hi Total Girls!

    School camp is the best way to make new friends! Teigan, Nathan and I were lucky enough to head along to a camp at Milson Island which is located on the Hawkesbury River.  We had so much fun hanging out together and loved trying archery, high ropes and kayaking.  One of my other highlights was sitting by the campfire.  We roasted marshmallows and even had a visit from a friendly possum. Teigan and I made sure we took lots of photos! Here’s one!    

    Candice and Teigan

    You have to catch a boat to Milson Island because well…it’s an island! I loved our boat rides because the island was really pretty and one day there was a giant rainbow across the sky.  Just when we thought we’d reached the pot of gold, it disappeared! Next time we’ll have better luck.  On this trip, I played a lot of different characters.  At one stage I was dressed as a pirate and the other kids on camp thought it was hilarious! 

    Nathan, Candice and Teigan

    I absolutely love visiting different islands.  It’s amazing meeting new people, getting involved in new activities and coming across some very cute and quirky animals.   

    Keep Smiling. 

    Love Candice xx

    PS: Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am. 

  • Meeting... THE VAMPS

    by Teigan | Mar 06, 2015

    Hi Total Girls,


    I’m Teigan, one of the presenters on Saturday Disney and now the newest member to the Totally Awesome TG website! I’m soooo excited to start blogging for you and thought I’d share a little bit about myself so we can be fast friends… So some of my fave shows are Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up and Dog With a Blog! My fave musos are Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction (I even have their calendar on my desk at work!), 5SOS and The Vamps. Speaking of The Vamps, I was pretty over the moon when I was able to hang backstage with them before their concert and that’s what I’m gonna talk about this month. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a comment below… I’d love to hear from you!


    I was lucky enough to hang out with Bradley, Tristan, James and Connor from The Vamps when they came to Australia for the first time. The band was really PUMPED to perform for all their Aussie Fans. Tristan tried to camouflage himself with the cushions on the couch, but don’t worry I found him in there! I also thought it’d be a great idea to do the interview on a Giant Flamingo, but I didn’t factor in how long it would take for me to blow it up! An hour later, my flamingo was sorta big enough. 

    The Vamps Teigan Saturday Disney

    I also spent the morning prepping for the interview by making the guys a traditional dish from the UK - Toad in a Hole! Yep, it doesn’t sound that appetising but to my surprise, it actually turned out to be pretty tasty! 

    The VAMPS toad in a hole
    What do you think? I even tried to write VAMPS using the sausages but as you can see, I ran out of space. VAMP was close enough!

    The band loved it! Bradley and James even ate it – they said it didn’t taste bad at all! You can call me Chef Teigan from now on. 

    Camps toad in a hole Teigan


    The Vamps Aussie fans (you guys!) arrived hours before the concert started, so I went out to the streets and found some very enthusiastic fans to record some questions to show the guys! “Questions from Fans” is a way for you to connect with musicians, artists, actors and people you look up to. So cool!

    VAMPS fans being asked questions

    So with my pink flamingo friend by my side, we started our chat… We spoke about what’s ahead for them in 2015, what they are most proud of and loads more. Check out Saturday Disney this weekend to find out everything the guys had to say!

    Teigan and the VAMPS

    Check out the interview which airs this Saturday on Saturday Disney! Hear it all on March 7th 2015, Channel 7Two, from 7-9am.

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  • Saturday Disney Whitsunday Holiday!

    by Candice | May 07, 2014
    Hi Total Girls! 

    Teigan, Nathan and I recently escaped the autumn chill and went exploring around the Whitsunday Coast.  We had an incredible time and encountered so many animals including: fish, sea stars, dolphins, stingrays, koalas and even crocodiles! We were even lucky enough to see baby crocodiles on a cruise through the Proserpine River.  The baby crocs were really cute but the adults were a little bit scary!
    Saturday Disney Candice's Blog: Whitsundays
    Another highlight was when we fed stingrays at Daydream Island (under professional supervision of course).  The stingrays reminded me of puppy dogs especially the way that they begged for food.  I was also blown away by the huge groper we saw when we snorkelled around the Great Barrier Reef.  Let’s not forget about the gorgeous sea stars. I used to call them starfish but then I found out that they aren’t fish, they come under the group called invertebrates (meaning they don’t have backbones).  Sea stars are so cool because they can grow a new arm if they lose one.  We took extra special care when handling our little sea star friends. 
    Saturday Disney Candice's Blog: Sea Stars

    I also spotted two dolphins when we went ocean rafting! We saw them on our way back from our day trip to Whitehaven Beach.  We took so many photos at Whitehaven because the water was crystal-clear and the sand was really white due to it being made up of 98 per cent pure white silica.  

    We also got amazing photos of the sunset every evening! One of my favourite shots was from the catamaran.   

    Saturday Disney Candice's Blog: Sunset Sailing



    Keep Smiling.  Love Candice xx

    PS Saturday Disney is now on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.  


  • Candice Meets Jessica Mauboy!

    by Saturday Disney's Candice | Apr 16, 2014
    Hi Total Girls! 

    My dream of meeting Jessica Mauboy recently came true! I’ve always admired Jessica’s determination and incredible voice. Jess started writing music when she was just 11 years old. She keeps a journal which helps her write new songs when she’s in the studio. I wanted to make something special to give to Jess so I decided to make her a personalised terrarium filled with all of her favourite things. I must admit some of the items were incredibly random (think dragon fruit) but they looked pretty! 
    Saturday Disney's Candice meets Aussie singer Jessica Mauboy!
    Jess Mauboy and Candice!

    Another amazing Australian star I met this month was Ellyse Perry. Ellyse represents Australia in cricket and football (soccer) which is a huge achievement. She first started playing these sports when she was just six years old. I decided to introduce Ellyse to my brand new sport creation, “croccer”. Ellyse gave me some tips for both cricket and soccer and then we combined them to play this awesome game. I think it could catch on! 

    Candice Dixon meets famous Australian sports star Ellyse Perry!
    Candice and Ellyse Perry!

    This month proved to me that if you focus and work hard you can make your goals become reality. Your dreams may not always come true overnight but if you keep working away and practicing they will.   

    Keep Smiling.  Love Candice xx

    PS Saturday Disney is now on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and then we switch over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.